Current mask situation (July 27, 2022)

I was chill, until I encountered you.

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In the USA by comparison masks are not required on planes or any indoor place unless the private establishment requires it

Strangely still required on public transit in Bay Area but probably not enforced

I’m on Bart today and I am wearing one out of respect because most everyone else is wearing one

I should let out a fart to see if the masks are working

Just kidding masks don’t stop farts

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Do people change their habits more easily in other countries?


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Saw my first Taiwanese not wearing a mask on the street today.


Awesome :+1:

Yeah, its still very rare, mostly foreigners and those few locals at the fringe of society. Even in Tamsui tonight, nearly everyone was wearing masks. Mine has progressively moved downwards on my body starting at under the nose to under the chin, to now mostly on my arm.

Still experiencing all the joys of maskless walking - from a woman that looks at me like a I’m a leper this morning, and makes quick efforts to move to the other side of the sidewalk, to a homeless guy cussing me out in the park and telling me to put on my mask.


I saw about 5 more after that.


What’s it been, at least two weeks now with no masks required while riding a bicycle or scooter, and today I finally saw two bicycle riders in Taoyuan not wearing masks (other than myself), a foreigner and a local. I also spotted four scooter riders maskless, out of the dozens I looked at.

Of course, it’s everyone’s private decision to wear a mask or not in these cases. It’s just interesting how slowly this change is happening when I thought most everyone would jump at the chance to rip that mask off (I know I did)


Here’s what I do. If I’m on the streets I pull it down. If I’m in class I pull down passed my nose. On the MRT/ bus / MRT station I have to wear the full mask. The others are alright, wearing the full mask is pretty annoying.



If you’re teaching you’re allowed to remove it. So do that. Don’t teach kids to half-ass protective measures. Too many already grow up thinking it’s perfectly fine to wear a helmet without buckling it.

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It’s a hassle to take it on and off so I’m fine it with pulled down.
I don’t yet have the balls to have it under my nose on the MRT. That is the most judgmental place in Taiwan.

@Ender Student. The teacher doesn’t wear a mask, half the time somebody’s mask is off or half off, seems pretty relaxed. If only the MRT was the same.

When did that happen?


In the past many scooter drivers wore masks due to pollution, now it’s considered a hindrance?

I hope you’re not teaching English.

Surgical mask does shit for pollution. N95 or better.

Pretty much the day Chen Clock stepped down.

Yes you’re supposed to mask up outside but almost anything you do outside can let you slide away with it, like walking around.

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I’m not, not that correct english matters much when playing those clown games and what not…

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Me waiting for salty comments: :frog::coffee::popcorn:

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