Current mask situation (July 27, 2022)

Indoors it can be pretty much the same, if you only care about getting fined and not about the judgmental looks from other people/constant arguing with clerks and security guards :wink:

According to current rules you don’t need to wear mask outdoors and indoors while taking pictures, so in a super rare occasion when police approach you indoors, you just take out your phone and say you were about to take a selfie :smiley:

I think these days cops have better things to do than to enforce mask rules…


He very much is.

In the last five days, I’d say 30% are not wearing a mask outdoors. Not counting smokers.


Must be all foreigners /s

Remember when they used to blame us lol

This is such a “Taiwan” exception…

No way J’ose

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That’s what I see.

I still rarely see anyone without a mask, even on bicycles. No one has ever said anything to me about not wearing one though

Slowly, but it’s happening, here in Taoyuan too. Tonight on my walk around a riverside park bike/walking path I saw about 15 people walking and 4 or 5 riding bikes, and the majority were maskless. I was pleasantly surprised.


It doesn’t look like using English properly matters when you’re a student either.

Salty comment for you @deepshelter because others didn’t provide.

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Why would it when I’m supposed to only be talking Chinese in class?

Anyway, not sure why people are still blithering on about this. Thanks for the correction, now lets move on please.

I feel we should move on to critiquing your Chinese.


(This will be hilarious to all those who studied with the green book at MTC thirty years ago)