🛂 Customs - Taiwan | Importing candy/snacks

If I come back to Taiwan with 2 suitcases full of snacks and candy, can I claim that it’s all for myself and not pay any import duties? I’m thinking like filling the suitcases to the absolute brim. Has anyone done this? I’m guessing the custom officers would take one look at it and presume I’m gonna sell it. What if I don’t pay import duties but sell it anyway, is that illegal? How illegal?


They don’t care who or what it’s for. They’re only looking for liquor and tobacco.

This is a bit different as it’s commercial activity.

But I regularly bring suitcases full of candy for my younger cousins.


If you’re fat enough, they’ll probably believe you.


Strictly speaking, there is a legal limit (iirc 15KG or similar) that above which the customs will consider this import and will ask you not just to pay duties but also have the appropriate license to import food.
practically - i have never had a problem bringing in sweets from overseas.
selling it - again, strictly speaking , you need a license to sell food. Practically, i dont think it will be a problem (you won’t be selling such large quantities).

Source: a friend of mine brought 15 bottles of salad dressing and was stopped by customs.

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Candies and snacks as gifts is pretty common in Asia, just give a few away and you can look rhe customs guys in the eyes and say they’re not just for you, but also for friends and colleagues


I’ve never brought a suitcase full of candy, but I have done similar things with assorted food. I’m pretty sure they won’t care. Although tbh I would question the wisdom of actually eating it all yourself.


Why give yourself the headache for a couple of bucks?

But if you are bringing in boxes of our favorite hard to find chocolate bars, as favors to friends, that seems pretty low risk and i can throw you some cash for your trouble. I like Coffee Crisp, by the way


As many as you can fit in your case please.


Ate a lot of those when we were children. Haven’t had those kind of sugar bombs for quite some time. Just too much sugar.


you can get them on shoppee, about 300 nt for a pack of 10 mini bars.

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I had to order from UK. It took only one week to arrive.


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And meat! And illegal drugs I suppose. Probably other things too but I doubt they’ll give a toss about fat man’s candy.


Glass bottles? What happened when he was stopped?

Do you hate fun also?

Yeah, agri products seem to be their main focus at the moment. Meat and anything that might possibly grow or carry disease. Nothing else seems to matter.

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Too much of good equals bad. That’s like universal.

Nothing much… She was asked why she has so many, she explained she likes it and cant get them in Taiwan . The customs officers explained this quantity is considered commercial and that there is a limit how much you can bring.
She left a few bottles behind (the ones above the limit ) and took the rest home.

Did they find the gear in the bottles she left behind?

Meat, fish and fruit

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The problem with ordering them in bulk into Taiwan is a whole box will be just sitting in the cupboard. Depends on how disciplined one is…