Know anything about cycling in Taiwan? I know the roads are too busy for bikes but are there any track or mtb clubs out there?

I do not bike but these folks have in the past . . .

Hey, where are you located? I am looking for some MTB partners. I am a little out of shape at the moment, but I am working on it. I also looked at the fat tire guys webpage, and was planning to contact them for some bike experience. I am currently living in Kweishan, a little outside of Taipei by Taoyuan/Linkou.

me too. I am keen to find some MTB rides around Taoyuan area.

Well, I started riding in the community area of the Chang Gung Hospital, it is okay for the night time and as a start to get back into shape. I hope that I can do some more exploring in the daylight over the weekends. Hey if you want to join, that would be great. The more the merrier. Maybe later on we could try to organize rides on some of the trails mentioned on the formosanfattire website.

cheers, It’s been a few years since I mashed it on the Kona in NZ, but it is here. I feel I owe it to everyone concerned to get some time up and get back in shape myself before the group punishment begins :blush:

There must be some single track riding around here?

Yeah, it is about more than a year for me that I had my last ride in WI and I don’t want to be the tail of the group either and slow anyone down.

I certainly hope to find some single trail here too. It is hilly here, so there should also be trails at least used by hikers. Our community is at a slope, but it seems to be rather steep. I did see some trails branching of here and there, but rather narrow ones, does not look like much fun. Trails would be the ideal, but even some backroads up to a mountain top as a start would be fine. That would get me back into shape quickly when exercised every weekend.

So where is Nankan? Do you know the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Kweishan, although the founder seems to think it is in Linkou.

some misshap, damn double posts

So where is Nankan? Do you know the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Kweishan, although the founder seems to think it is in Linkou.[/quote]

Ha Nankan? Well, that’s where it’s at my man. We’ve got a B&Q Hardware store and a Hooters - what more do you need?
When you come from Taipei on Freeway 1, as you come down the off ramp to Taoyuan it dumps you in Nankan, just by B&Q. If you turn left, you go to Taoyuan city.

Oh, other landmarks in Nankan are Taimall and the Green EVA Air Buildings.

I am thinking about organising a Taoyuan area Happy Hour in the next week or two, so keep an eye out for that.

I suggest you head over to - - sign up and post some ride messages. the FFTA has quite a few Taoyuan riders on the boards.

A Hooters in Taoyuan, and I just hear about it now. Let’s do the happy hour there. I would love to have some spicy chicken wings and cheesy curly fries. Maybe be can bike down there. Anyway, happy hour sounds good, I was planning to go to one of those. Unfortunately wednesdays is Badminton from work, but I believe next one is on a thursday, but that week I am out of town. I will keep an eye open in the Event forum.

I went shopping before at a B&Q that is down the hill by the Chang Gung University. Busy place down there, with a lot of car dealers. But I assume there are more than one B&Q’s around here. I will have to ask my buddy who took me there.

AWOL: I already posted a thread in the fattire forum but did not get any response. Maybe I will try again.

a different B&Q by the sounds of it. We’re getting WAY off topic, but sad to say the Hooters is not a real one :wink: , and they don’t even have much in the way of food, but we have a couple of good places for HH so no worries.

To get back on the topic, I did post an update in the formosanfattire forum. Maybe I get some replies now. You know anybody else in the area interested in MTB? Most of the people I talked to think it is too dangerous. On the roads probably, but the trails should be fine. At least there are no cars or scooters but probably other obsticals.

I gotta check out this fake Hooters one of these days though. :sunglasses:

I thought I keep you guys informed, I got a reply from John on He suggested to try out :

yangzhou forest park in the hills behind nankan


tigerhead mtn (“hutou shan”) in the hills between taoyuan and linkou

Directions should be available from local bike stores.

Who is up for checking it out? Or better, who knows where it is or where the bike stores are located.

Thanks for this. Great site.

BTW keep in mind Yang Mei. We have some quiet back trails with hill climbs that are very safe. Almost no dirt but plenty of hill climbs amongst the tea farms.

1 to 2 hour rides.

Hi guys and gals,
Im based in Longtan, just north of jhongli, Yangmei sounds great, anyone know where I could get a second hand bike? Email me at and we can arrange a trip some weekend.

sounds like you are close by. Where you at the happy hour in Nankan yesterday? We talked about getting together on the weekend for a bike trip, so far we are at least 4, I think there is a possible fifth or sixth person. Sounds like a good sized group and well mixed.

If you want to find some trails, I’d advise hooking up with Alan from Alan’s Bike shop down in Gong Guan. He’ll take you out on a Saturday morning and show you some trails around the city. I went with him to Mucha/Hsintien area. Cool stuff, but so well hidden. You really need a guide.
Alan’s details are on the Fattire bike shop page.

Wa not at happy hour at rankan, sorry to have missed that talk!! Let me know where the next one is and I will try to make it.

The Happy Hours are posted in the Event forum. I think next one is in Taipei on the 20th, but I probably won’t be able to make it to that one. Did you find a bike yet? There is someone else in your area looking for a MTB, he posted in the Buy and Sell Forum, maybe you can get some starting points there. Or look at the webpage, maybe you have some luck there.