Daily Photos 2018


I was doing a trail and I was sweating like a whore. Then I run into this:

10 points for the first one who sees me.


Now I’m jealous. And eff you too


The best way to cool down, period.



No , I do not wish to travel a long way to see Flowering Cherry Trees. Here is a Picture of some instead.





At least he’s keeping cool in the heat.


Apologies Milan, not Taiwan but at least ending in an. Impressive architecture inside too.


I’m not sure how “cold” his water might be…

Alpacas were having a blast, though. The park-people opened their gate and a swarm (?) of alpacas started to walk around shitting and pissing everywhere, with all the visitors taking selphies with them. “The world is your toilet”




Hello Kitty is a girly thing, but this bike doesn’t know it so it asserted its dominance and established itself as the Alpha specimen of the parking lot.


So girly things can’t be dominant?


Only in fiction. And at Yilan bus station.



Cat of the day


Had a walk on the beach and sunset looked pretty. There’s also Turtle Island as special guest, yay!


My lemon/lime/liodin plants have a new guardian.