Daily Photos - Part 6

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Wow, where did you take those?

Outside a temple in Changhua.



More from the Mazu festival.

I finally got a tripod.

Paogao, love that burst of light.

Curious whether anyone feels the texture helps convey how this place sometimes feels around midnight.

Poagao, is that first shot HDR, or just a good S curve? Jaboney, yes.

It’s not HDR, just a long exposure and a bit of level-tweaking in RAW. Sandman and wife happened upon me as I was taking the shot; gave them a bit of a scare.

[url=http://tw.forumosa.com/t/will-wonders-never-cease-biggest-animal-on-scooter-ive-seen/37648/1 visit this thread for a video clip.[/url]