Dalai Lama is a pedo?

Wtf is this :face_vomiting:

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but hey… the BBC says it’s ok:

  • Sticking out your tongue is a traditional greeting in Tibet, according to the BBC*

Probably just going senile. Seems to be a common thing with world leaders these days.


I was thinking along the same lines. Too many years of saying stupid stuff and everyone just nodding along and laughing.

Very weird thing to say though.

Sticking out your tongue might be a traditional greeting. Asking a kid to suck it is fucking insane. He also made the kid kiss him on the mouth, didn’t he?

The more I write, the more I think that this is his normal behaviour, but he was aware enough to hide it in the past.


BBC should focus on their pedo prince


He needs to be kept away from kids. One incident too many. Unless there is other information we don’t really know.

Which one?

Lord Mountbatten was worse.

They need to dust off that golden urn.

Well, he said suck my tongue so no

Sticking out your tongue is tradition, not sucking it!

Never been a fan of his.

I blame the selection process. They rarely get the right guy.


I saw someone said he should resign. But I don’t think you can actually resign unless he dies


These guys have a strong opinion about the lamas

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The golden urn can’t be wrong

Fuck. Was china right all along???


Pre-1950 Tibet was a horrible oppressive state (not that Communism is any better).

What communism?

Yeah, while new-age muffin eaters, Richard Gere, the Thurmans, and every other progressive under the sun view Tibet as a Shangri-La where people kiss insects in the moonlight and respect all forms of life, you are 100 percent right. Pre 50s, it was bloody feudal and no place to be a serf. :wink: Then again, Taiwan wouldn’t have been too fun to live in until CCK started the major infrastructure projects that led to beaucoup GDP growth…People teach kindy in Taiwan --thank CCK for making Taiwan a tiger.

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Common typo of consumerism.

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