Dance clubs in southern Taiwan

I honestly don’t have time to read through a ton of posts to try and find out for myself (how rude of me eh?), so to those Dj’s and clubbers in the south: where do you go to get your dance ‘fix’?

I’ll be living halfway between kaohsiung and tainan. I want to find a weekend job spinning someplace that would appreciate anything from 4-on-the-floor house, to tribal house, to progressive hard trance to anything in between. Basically, anything except hip-hop, hardcore, drum-n-bass, and anything related to those genres.

I’ve only an inkling of an idea of what Taiwanese music taste revolves around, but I’m sure there must be some places. Can someone get my list started?

As a side note, anyone who’s living in my (soon to be) neck of the woods who appreciates such music, I’d be more than happy to have you over if you wanna hear me spin and drink some beers. Especially other dj’s who need some practice time.

One more thing. Every country/city seems to have different nights that are good for club hopping and nights that are bad. Thursday and Saturday nights are the best around here (Chicago). How about in Taiwan? Again…in the south. (only wondering so I can try to arrange my work schedule to accomodate these night)



Wow, I hope this lack of response just means that nobody cares. I would hate to think that there were no clubs in southern Taiwan. Well, I’ve still 5 days before I leave…


I think I am a hard-core raver but have been good ever since I am here in TW… most of the posters are in Taipei maybe that is the reason for lack of responses. The clubbing scene are big in Taipei but I don’t know about southern Taiwan. Good luck!!

Thanks MiakaW for the info. That’s pretty much what I figured. There’s gotta be SOME dj’s in southern Taiwan, but I guess I’ll never know since I’m no longer looking for Dj’s in my post? :unamused: You know, this is utterly amazing! The hand of some God swooped down and changed my subject line and even consolidated one of my posts. L I was really hoping to catch the eye of some dj, but guess I can’t anymore.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and the subject line will get changed again to represent that I’m looking for Dj’s. But no hard feelings, I get the point.



I was thinking about the SAME thing yesterday after I posted my reply a few hours later, that the sub. line got change. It could have been a mod. who changed it so it will attracts more posters.

Good luck in Southern Taiwan and what are some of the DJ’s you like??


MiakaW…favorite Dj’s? Now THAT’S a tough one! Most any Chicago Dj (area I’m from) and…heck, I guess I don’t have a solid list. I used to be a big fan of Josh Wink. Even met him at the House of Blues in Chicago. Basement Jaxx are always good, as is Fatboy Slim, but I wouldn’t go calling them favorites. Oh, how could I foget Underworld! Saw them here somewhat recently and they kicked A**! Deep Dish, Scot Project, Warp Brothers, etc, etc, etc…

I think I could go on forever. The funny thing is I tend to get more into the Dj’ing side of it rather than the listening/dancing side. I get this overwhelmingly jealous feeling inside when I hear a song on a dance floor that I have in my record bin! Not quite sure what that’s all about… Anyhow, I guess I love most everything.

So I take it that you’re up in the north?? I’d rather hear that you’re somewhere in the south. Would love to get a southern “rave” group together. Would be an interesting support network.


That Album, underworld was awasome!!! I love it!! I have tons of favorites (well, I guess that won’t be a good word to use, right? :wink: ) Deep Dish is one of them!! I loveeee Ferry Corsten, Seb Fontaine, Timo Mass, Tiesto,Farnia, Oakenfold…etc. like you, the list go on and on and few of the locals from SF. Too bad that you are going to be in Southern Taiwan, otherwise we can be partner in crimes!!

Let me know when you get in so we can PM some more!! Bring some good CDs with you!!


Oh well, I’m sure one of us will be on the opposite end of the island at some point in time. Heck, Taiwan ain’t THAT big is it? How long does it take to get from the north to the south?


BTW, what’s up with my avatar??? I can’t get it to post no matter what I do…crazy…

There’s two things wrong with it.
1: The Link doesn’t work. Try opening the link in your browser you gave for your avatar to see what I mean.
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HE is the man, he always have the answer for EVERYTHING!!!

~miakaw~ :wink:

Ok, now I’m safely tucked away in Taiwan. In my apartment, and ready to do something. Hmmmmmm…nothing to do, no friends (aside from my employer) and generally feeling out of place. Having said that, I’m having fun.

Anyhow, still looking, more than ever, for some places to go. Anyone in the Kaohsiung/Tainan area up for showing me around?? I’m in Gangshan, wherever that is.


Perhaps you can hook up with mod lang.

When I was in Tainan for CNY this year, I asked around about live music joints and found this amazing little live music basement/club across the street from a post office and a sports stadium. Sorry, I don’t recall the name, but I’m sure a young, hip local would know (or try mod lang). Granted, it isn’t like a club back home, but the people were friendly and the music was good. My girlfriend was actually upset that so many girls were dragging me onto the dance floor.

As for Kaohsiung, I haven’t ever found a club to my liking there, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something there to suit your tastes. If you are open to making friends, find the cutest girl you can in a local coffee shop and ask her for help. A perfectly innocent question :wink: may lead to a perfectly innocent night of clubbing with her and all of her hot friends.

That would be the LA Site you went to, Tomas. It’s one of the two major dance clubs in Tainan (as of now; clubs always change every six months or so). 200NT cover charge (includes one drink), Friday night foreigners’ night (free admission). It’s on Jiankang Road right across from the baseball stadium, down the corner from Nanmen Road.

The other big dance club is the AD. 350NT includes one drink, Friday night foreigners’ night. Guangyuan Road near the corner of Mintzu, right down from the Watson’s. As with LA Site, no entrance fee after 3:30 A.M. Both places are fun to party if you’re into that sort of thing. The last time I was in the AD they put my dancing in the spotlight (literally) - I was a little hammered, it was 4 in the morning, my natural inhibitions of dancing in the spotlight while the entire club watched me were lowered.

There are a couple of other dance clubs that I know of in Tainan. Speed is in East Tainan right off of Junghua E. Road, in the same building as a big bowling alley. I haven’t been there yet, though I hear it’s a pretty happening place. Then there’s the Night Show Pt. II on Jungyi Road, near the corner of Mintzu Road - it’s right above a video arcade and across from the (recently closed) movie theater. I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s got this seedy vibe to it and seems to draw the gangsta/druggie crowd. Hardly any foreigners are ever seen around that place. It’s between a couple of big video arcades where I like to hang out and play Crazy Taxi sometimes, so I’ve seen plenty of the crowd milling about outside many nights. The one time I decided to actually go up and check it out myself, it was occupied by some low-level gangster snorting coke on the table next to mine with his three cokewhore xiaojies. Not my type of scene, but hey, if you’re looking to score drugs, that looks like the spot to be.

Jeesh! Bunch of pussies down in the south, got their own bloody night. All we get up here in the 'bei is “ladies night” . . not the same thing is it?


Well, there aren’t that many of us, so it hardly breaks the bank to let the two dozen or so foreigners out in the clubs Friday night in for free. The last foreigners’ night I was in LA Site there were maybe 6 foreigners in the club, including myself.

When I went, I was the only foreigner. I was quite popular, what with my slick dance moves and my beautiful Mandarin :wink: .

Wait, so since I’m in the south I’m suddenly a pussy? Wow, I wish I would have known that before deciding where to work. I certainly would rather be up north I guess. :wink: I hate being a pussy. L

So now that I’ve got the low-down on Tainan, how about Kaohsiung? Just looked at a good map and realize I’m much closer to there.

Still looking for someone to hold my hand until I figure out things on my own. (i’m a guy, so don’t get the wrong idea! :imp: ) Just want to find the clubs and how to get there. My boss is great and takes me wherever I need to go and helps me buy food, appliances, etc… Bad thing is, she’s Mormon. Doesn’t drink, smoke or do anything “immoral”. I suppose it’s a good thing for her, but not me. :frowning:

Still searching…


No, you were hard core and further up river than I’d dare go myself . . but since you’re complaining . . . Pussy! :laughing:

Bummer about your boss. Still the streets of Taipei are paved with former non-drinking christian freaks so there is hope you can still turn the situation around to your own advantage. Sorry I can’t help you on venues in the south except to offer that I hear there are some outrageous pole dancing joints in Tainan.


[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”][/quote]

Touche! Or however you spell that damn french word. Well, seems my boss is a diehard. 42yr/woman and not even married. Devout and determined to find an American Mormon husband. I’ve almost tempted her to drink coffee though(which seems to be hard as hell to find around here; the grounded coffee beans that is), so that seems to be a start.

Guess I’ll just have to do what I do best in Asia…make the drive (yes, she will even let me use the school van whenever!) to kaohsiung and find the first pretty lady (hell, ugly will do!) that wants to show me around. I guess the rest will be history.


She’s gagging for it.

Good luck.