Dashcam footage

I recently came to Taiwan. I commute about 45 minutes to work in my car and often see crazy shit. :loco:
I am from Germany and driving in Taiwan is another world. :popcorn:
I will share those moments in this thread. Feel free to post other dash cam footage in here.

There was some long rubber debris on the road. Everyone on the right lane made mad man dashes to get around it. A truck made it fling towards my car. The truck driver was nice and stopped. We had a look and there was no visible damage and we moved on.


You are not safe on a crosswalk in Taiwan. Woman survived. Accident happens 55 seconds in.

經詢問處理救護的台北市消防局表示,受傷的是28歲的吳姓女子,當時女子意識清醒還能說「骨盤好痛」,而她也全身多處擦傷送往內湖三總急救。 內湖交通分隊表示,肇事駕駛為53歲的黃姓女子,她有駕照也沒酒駕,對於為何會把人撞成這樣,她供稱「就是沒看到」

This is the typical kind of p&^%k that you meet on mountain roads here, usually someone else comes off worse trying to avoid them, in this case asshole gets his comeuppance, as bad as it may be I fail to have any sympathy whatsoever for the ^%$# having met far too many of his type on Taiwan’s roads.

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Looks like the bus driver was falling asleep with that weaving. Nobody cut him off.

It was a nice touch that the driver of the white car only slowed down but didn’t stop to help. And was that a body that fell out of the bus?

This was by far the most spectacular crash in Taiwan June 29, 2016.

Barely a scratch in the curb.

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[quote=“Charlie Phillips”]This was by far the most spectacular crash in Taiwan June 29, 2016.

Barely a scratch in the curb.[/quote]

Looks like the driver thought he was driving a Ferrari coming around the corner.
Did the driver die?

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[quote=“dan2006”][quote=“Charlie Phillips”]This was by far the most spectacular crash in Taiwan June 29, 2016.

Barely a scratch in the curb.[/quote]

Looks like the driver thought he was driving a Ferrari coming around the corner.
Did the driver die?[/quote]

The driver was thrown out of the car and was taken to hospital with two fractured arms and severe damage to the head.

Which likely was an existing condition before the crash.

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Which likely was an existing condition before the crash.[/quote]

I think the driver was throw out of the car and left hanging on the white car’s windshield… Not sure, but I think that’s his legs hanging out there.

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that was the ultimate battle of wills…I kept hearing Leonidas scream:“NEVER GIVE UP - NEVER SURRENDER” for the whole length of the movie…

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This guy Reddits. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember when this was in the news 4 years ago. Both of them are stubborn fuckers. But, can almost guarantee the Audi can add “entitled” to that.

Guy doing the filming was almost as stubborn. It would behoove one to separate themselves from that in short order

Saw a road safety ad on the bus the other day, showing exactly this scenario. Funny thing was, the ad was explaining how it’s the pedestrian’s fault for not checking whether a car is coming or not.

I thought the cameraman left ample room for either of them to back off and queue up.

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Proximity to morons is always dangerous

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That’s the message they should etch on rear-view mirrors.


Morons in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are.


Google translated this for me: funny!

"With the exposure of the driving recorders of the two cars, the facts are also very clear. The netizens who originally talked to the white car owners on the Internet also changed their attitudes. The TVBS news team further traced the names of the owners who found the accidents to be 25 years old. Opened the Audi A4 with a value of 170 million, and it is also a member of a high-end modified car factory in Kaohsiung. This time, the news page, in addition to nearly 300,000 maintenance costs, I am afraid I have to be held criminally responsible.

After the scene of the white Audi crashing into the blue car was put on the Internet by the PO, some netizens came out to say that the blue car fled, and the Audi car went to the car before the money. Now the truth is clear, and the attitude of the netizens is also shrinking. . Reporter vs. quite a netizen: “Hey, is it Mr. Wu? Yes, it’s Hello, Mr. Wu. I am a TVBS reporter. I don’t want to talk to you. Is Mr. Wang your friend? (Hang up…).”

Hanging up the phone directly does not say a word, whether it is deliberate to fight the squid war is not known, but after verification, the owner of the white Audi Wang surnamed the owner of the 78 years is only 25 years old, but has many years of experience in modified cars. Cheyou: “This car is a Kaohsiung car. I know that sometimes I will go to Dongshan on Saturday. He is the owner of the REVO club.”

From the sticker of the rear compartment, it is a frequent visitor to a high-end modified car factory in Kaohsiung, and the car he drives is worth 170 million. After the modification, he saw 2 million. This time, he rushed to other people, the Audi lights were damaged, and the right front right side was two. The car door is also damaged, plus the modification of the wheel frame, the repair fee is nearly 160,000 yuan, and the four pieces of gold on the left side of the front bumper of the blue car that was hit are seriously sunken, and the repair cost has to be nearly 100,000 yuan. Reporter vs. Maintenance Technician: “Almost from the front bumper to the back (all crashed), so it will cost nearly 100,000 yuan, it should be spent.”

The price of impulsiveness, in addition to the fines and nearly 300,000 repair costs, the original cover up the truth is also likely to face criminal responsibility with the storm."