Dashcam footage

I have watched that about 10 times and still trying to work out who is at fault. Scooter overtaking a parked car, into a lane already occupied, but the van didn’t indicate before starting to change lanes.

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Everyone is at fault.

Double parked (just stopped?) car blocking the scooters.
Scooter not merging safely. He should have slowed down and merged behind the truck.
Truck swerving to the right to change lanes without blinking or looking.

Just typical Taiwanese driving.


I wouldn’t class as typical, I don’t see it every day, it’s just an accident.
I drive a lot and ride scooter / motorcycle and don’t think the driving here deserves the reputation it has. I get pissed of at the stupidity sometimes, but it’s only the same as I see in Europe. No where near as bad as in other parts of the world. There are countries that are generally better but they still have idiots.


Poland :oncoming_police_car:

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In the US the middle of the road should have a solid yellow line down the center, to the right of the white dashes, beginning roughly 100 meters before that turnoff to the left (length of the yellow line would actually depend on the speed limit).

If you cross the solid yellow that’s in your lane, and you have an accident like that one in Poland, you will be issued a summons to appear in traffic court. That’s assuming nobody was hurt; there could be additional, serious charges as well.

If you begin to pass others where there is no solid yellow line, but one shows up suddenly, then you best get your ass back over to the right quickly and safely.

Bad road design, from an American perspective.

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I think that the poles on the right and left with the black stripe mean that there is an intersection/crossing approaching, and the one with the red stripe means you’re passed.

Starting at 0:06 meaning about 150 or 300 m from a crossing, than just after when the accident occurs you see the red one at the right of the cop car.

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Not exactly dash cam

It’s like they knew something like this is going to happen and put the camera down at the curve

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Also not dash cam, but still something.

The white truck had an accident and tipped over on the inner lane of NH 1. A Tesla, probably on auto-drive, rammed directly into it.


Video of the same accident


Autopilot stupidity is a good guess. Perhaps a horizontal truck was not in the training set for the object recognition AI? :slight_smile:

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But all Tesla models come with a collision avoidance system. Shouldn’t the front radar override autonomous driving and put the breaks on?

Or was that truck coated with stealth radar absorbing paint?

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I think it did detect it eventually, I saw it skidding on the footage. It was just too late.

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According to reports it just went through the thin roof of the truck. No injuries and the airbags didn’t go off.

I think the car applied the breaks when it realized the truck driver was standing too close, but as soon as it was no longer possible to hit the guy, it sped back up.


Tesla’s probably can’t see big white surfaces?

Two questions i find my self asking are:

Did the auto braking system kick in and the driver override it by touching the accelerator or brake? (I’m not suggesting on purpose maybe out of panic)

I thought modern braking systems can bring card to a dead stop without loosing control, so why did this car skid?

The good thing about this is no one was hurt, and when they go through the computer on the car they will know what happened.
The drawback of all that fancy technology is you can’t blame someone else when you F*** up.


I think there is some radar suppression for stationary objects. So the radar can’t tell the difference between an overpass and something hazardous on the road, and the AEB system needs to deal with that.

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That is definitely plausible, and if that’s the case, I’m sure Tesla would come out of a statement clearing their responsibility.

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