Dating apps in Taiwan

Don;t worry, if the local girls looking for someone to taught them maths for free (while repeatedly saying that “I hope we could be friend”) they definitely gonna look for some foreigners like you. :smiley:

Wow nice tips you got there eh? But I’m actually a hardcore local unfortunately. Besides I not that good at math, I’m good at gynecology though😂
That attractive to foreign ladies by any chance?

Probably not the best choice for a pick-up line.

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were you whoooooshed?

Wuman Mark II?

No, as I don’t use pick-up lines. That line may work with certain Asian women though. You probably had them at “doctor.”

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Yeah that cringe part was a joke. Of course it’s not gonna work, I may be local but I’m not some guy living in a cave😂. Thanks for the expatsplaining lol.
All jokes aside I was messing around, and you’re probably not a bad person.


Oh, it would definitely work, but you may be less than satisfied with the results…especially to your bank account.

Don’t jump to conclusion too quickly, grasshopper.

He could be a Canadian that running havoc pickpocketing in Ximen.

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Your “ s” isn’t working :thinking::grinning:


Or the British vampire who emerges from his lair in Wanhua to bite unsuspecting policemen.

That’s actually true … if you are hot.

If you’d rather have stats, then here’s a ranking of apps in the Google Play store in the “Dating” category for “Taiwan” region.

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The OP is an advertisement btw for Just Dating. The same thing was in Chinese on ptt

Edit: liNks to ptt post which everyone worked out was Ad. Would be very suspicious op wasn’t using same tactics

Very little feedback here on most of the top ones.

I guess not a lot of people here in the dating game.

hard to when happily married :slight_smile:

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Well, that other thread about the gal suing the guy for rape you know…sets a tone.

Maybe, but the best time to look for a new job is when you don’t need one.

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