Dating apps in Taiwan

According to multiple women, a common opener from straight Taiwanese men is, “Did you eat yet?”

How very French! :joy: An intro based on oral pleasures.


I find dating apps sad for straight people.

I find dating apps heavily biased against Asian men, I feel bad for my good-looking Taiwanese friends who can’t get many matches because they aren’t foreigners. As a white dude though, I think they’re great. I’ve tried a few, but so far the one I prefer most is OkCupid.

In hindsight, I did have to get a restraining order against a girl I met on OKC, so I would still advise caution when using dating apps. Girls can be crazyyyy hahahaha

Hehe the last sentence is a call to action for @au
Next step after COVID is defeated: make Taiwanese fall in love again :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Did you read the article? There seem to be several successful apps that should take care of this worry.

Or maybe they are SO good looking that potential partners feel it must be a scam? Serious idea: try worse photos.

Oh, and as my impression of dating apps was that the vast majority of girls even in the “western” apps don’t want to speak Englisch, let alone would be interested in dating a foreigner. Either that, or I’m just fugly :ponder:


I’d rather die alone if I could have a working ARC number and a clear, easy path to multinationality with Taiwan.

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Use this in your profile description. Nothing gets results on a dating app like I’d rather die alone.


And why is that?

That’s wierd, as it’s literally the opposite of my experience. Many girls didn’t find it a problem to speak English with me, besides the fact that some were shy. I am learning Chinese at the moment, but it’s not that great.

I even asked a few and they said they preferred white guys for many reasons, such as looks, money (even though I know plenty of asian dudes earning more than foreigners), or even just the fact that they find Taiwanese men less “masculine”, whatever that means.

I would probably advise against using less good-looking pictures, just because of how important a first impression is in matching.

I’ll admit I didn’t read the article before replying to this, I’ll give it a read now. I mostly wanted to throw in my 2 cents about dating apps in Taiwan as a young foreigner.


Talking to Taiwanese women I get the impression some of the reluctance to date comes from they just don’t want the drama from their family.

It’s easier to stay single or have a secret boyfriend and not have to deal with family pressure.

I could be wrong.

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If you’re a vaxxed expat, you could soon be killing the game in Taiwan.

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Not having luck myself. I have several apps but:

  1. Tinder is basically a scam. They never show me any of the people who like me, so that I’ll buy the option to see my likes. Not that I get many likes anyways.

  2. Bumble quickly shows me the people who like me, but after the first couple days I get very few, and the ones I get suck. Another scam to get you to pay. I understand that the higher the ratio is of likes vs left swipes, the more often you’ll be shown, but the first day I had 50 likes and 8 matches - cute girls - so cute girls do like me, yet now they apparently don’t show my profile to them.

Also on Bumble, all girls open with just a “Hello” or an emoji, even though their profile is empty and mine has lots of things they could comment on.

  1. Okcupid - ghost town. And fewer attractive girls

  2. All of them: the girls I do match with just don’t know how to have a conversation. Short responses, no follow up questions, etc. And/or their English skills aren’t good enough that we could have a real connection. And/or they just stop responding after a few messages.

I thought it was supposed to be easy as a white dude :man_shrugging:t2:


There’s something strange about online dating in Taiwan that’s touched upon in that article.

A friend was showing me how Tinder works, and I was surprised to see that about 30% of girls didn’t have any photos of themselves - instead they used pics of dogs or anime characters.

This seems up be unique to Taiwan. The article says it’s for “privacy reasons” - can anyone explain it?

I remember seeing an article about how matchmaking apps work. It’s basically a point system where if you like someone and they like you back, you get points, if you like them and they don’t you lose points. Same thing for sending a first message and they don’t reply, etc.

How many points you have vs other guys will dictate how early or late you show up in their queue when you open the app. What I recommend doing is swiping with as few girls as possible, basically only the ones that you’d be interested in talking with. I also often delete my accounts so reset those points to 0. Following that idea, I’ve got about 450 matches on OKC and a few hundred on Tinder.

Realistically though, it’s a number’s game. You’ll get replied from about 20% of your matches and you’ll actually meet up with even fewer than 0%.

They probably don’t want friends/coworkers to see they’re on Tinder. I was told it’s still very frowned upon for women to use dating apps in some circles.

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No, Tinder is a money making operation. Unless you’re in the top 1% in terms of attractiveness/desirability, you’re not going to get free play. You have to pay.

You will never appear in the card of most of the women you’re swiping right on. Basically, you don’t even exist. Paying is the only way to change that.

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Yeah, I know most guys just swipe right on practically everyone but I’m very selective. I read profiles etc.

Oh another one: Coffee Meets Bagel - the cutest girls are all in the Discover section where you have to pay to like them. I get about 20 suggestions per day in the free pile and most the girls are just super basic (looks, dress, profile, etc). I feel like a lot of these girls are very sheltered or something. I do get sone matches there but communication afterwards is always the issue

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Yeah I tried using Plus with the five superlikes per day but that hasn’t helped. I guess you have to pay for Platinum… But there’s no monthly option so it’s like $120…

I guess I thought being a foreigner was enough to put me in a top percent haha. Wer-wer

Just pay for the Super Likes. 5 per day isn’t enough.