Dating apps in Taiwan

I asked some Taiwanese friends about dating apps to meet local girls and he sent me a link to a forum where locals discuss which apps actually work here and I wanted to know your opinion. Have you used any of these? (My Chinese isn’t that good so here’s a summarized translation from my friend.)

Tinder: 2/5 stars
Free app. Lots of people from all countries but as a downside most girls won’t like back, reply to messages, or follow-up conversations. You’ll be successful if you speak more than 1 language.

iPair: 3/5 stars
Paid app. Mostly people from Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is around 200Nt per month but girls are more responsive and are willing to meet in person.

Wootalk: 1/5 stars
New and free app. Mostly for hookups. Not many users and 80% are men.

JustDating: 4/5 stars
Advertised as an app for people who want to meet IRL so it is most likely that you will meet someone. It is a paid app and a bit expensive.

weTouch: 3/5 stars
Free app. Mostly University students which is good since they have time to chat and meet up. Some are too young and immature.

First step: Ignore all advice from the locals when it comes to women. You’re a foreigner, so unlike those Asian guys on the forum you linked, you’ll get matches no problem, providing you are decent looking and take care of yourself.

Also, bonus points if you’ve a beard and blue eyes. They’re in fashion right now. Extra points if you’re whiter than snow. It’s backwards but that’s how it is here. No extra points if you speak Chinese… They want something exotic and somebody to practice English with. I had a friend who spoke Chinese nearly fluently but never got any action. Kept opening in Chinese. Whenever he did the girls looked disappointed and said “Speak English!” Embrace your uniqueness here its your selling point.

Tinder is a western app, so you can be sure the girls speak English. I’ve stories from Tinder experiences here that would blow people’s minds. But I’m not sure its a suitable place to talk about them.

Tinder is a 5/5. I’ve had dozens of girlfriends in Asia from that alone. Also; don’t forget there are a lot of gorgeous girls here from Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia also. If you’ve never been with a South East Asian girl you are absolutely missing out. Taiwan is host to all kinds.

Another app you must try is Skout. The girls are lower standard on this but it’s a one way street once you match up. I’m not sure if you’re looking for fun or marriage material but tinder is an essential app here. Ignore the locals advice. They haven’t a clue… Don’t act like them just be yourself and you’ll find a niche for sure.

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I’m an average-looking foreigner with black hair and brown eyes (i.e. the opposite of what local Taiwanese girls stereotypically want to see from a “foreigner”), but I received numerous matches on Tinder during the brief period I used it in Taiwan. I would, however, say that the OP is correct (from my experiences, at least) that most matches don’t necessarily lead to follow-up conversations. I actually found it incredibly frustrating just how many of the girls I matched with replied to me with one-word answers or didn’t bother replying at all. My friend who is more stereotypically attractive to Taiwanese girls (blonde hair and all the rest) also found this to be the case.

However, that said, I found that it was worth going through the frustrations, because I went on a handful of dates, made some long-term friends, and even found my (now ex-) girlfriend of 1 and a half years on Tinder in Taiwan. I would say to try it and stick it through, but not to let your expectations be too high or to take it personally if most matches don’t actually mean anything.

For Taiwan, there is a big problem between Chinese speaking people and non Chinese speaking people as far as dating apps go. It seems easier to use dating apps for Chinese speaking and not Chinese people to meet in China and Hong Kong and other countries but doesn’t seem very common in Taiwan for foreigners at least.

Other than Tinder, pick another three dating apps where Taiwanese and foreigners can meet.



Try the free app, language exchange.

No shortage of girls and guys there. Meeting guys for language exchange is just networking, maybe you’ll get to know them better and invite you to other social gatherings and there, you’ll meet a girl.

You definately get extra points for speaking chinese. Sure you dont with the girls who only want to speak English but that only counts for a small part of the population imo.

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OP will also be glad to be able to understand some things girl friend and friends are talking about later down the road and not have to rely on said girl friend to translate everything.

It gets tiring having to repeat conversations.

Let’s hear those stories. Asking for a friend.


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I really don’t think a foreigner needs any app to pick girls in Taiwan.

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I need all the help I can get!

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A certain group of foreigners though

Get over the butthurt man. Enjoy your Sunday evening.

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It’s chilled man. After all, it’s not your folks’ fault. I think this is partly due to post-colonial castration complex and it is subconsciously embedded in most Asians.
Just wanted to clarify before anyone get triggered and tag me for xenophobic ha.

Two posts on same thing in 5 mins…

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