Tinder Dates in Taipei

Don’t let the truth get in the way of the story

Yes they talk before marriage not so much after it seems

Which some guys think is a blessing Though


Just as long as they’re putting out. Oh, wait… :sunglasses:


You obviously think you know me?
Great map though thanks.
I wouldn’t dare post what I did ask as may seem more stupid than I posted.

OK still trying Tinder, have now seen 4 Taiwanese women in 50 age group specifically stating they want foreign boyfriend.
I’m not attracted to any of then though :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you sure they are Taiwanese? Lot’s of Philipina in Taiwan and some others.

Oh yes they are no doubt.
Speaking to a friend they say common for girls in 20’s on Tinder.

My latest date.



Did you grab her by the pussy?


Tinder could be useful. It all depends on what you want out of the dates.

There are apps that the locals refer to as 約炮神器 (hookup tool), and other apps that focus on people looking for serious relationships.

Usually, guys would have to pay for a subscription for those serious dating ups, and they tend to try to filter out escorts and other fake accounts. People still manage to fool the system, but those accounts would have their Line IDs written on their photos, so it’s super obvious.

There are threads on this topic already.

It would be good to segment those apps out from actual dating ones.

Apropos to this thread I’ve heard that Taiwan is one of the few markets where AdultFriendFinder actually works. Thoughts?

And AshleyMadison.

Line is the best.

For hookups, maybe free or maybe a compensated date, so to speak.

Even Xiao San.

Here’s my Tinder experience in Taiwan:

Most girls will say they don’t want to date or meet up. They say they want to meet friends or just want to chat. This is bullshit. One girl explained the game to me once. They do want to get to know a person a little first before meeting up but they’re definitely willing to meet up, just maybe not immediately. They don’t want to come off as too easy. Also some are married and if you have any communication skills they’ll tell you straight up if you ask.

Some girls will meet up same day. Some will not. Some will eventually add you on Line, chat a few times and then disappear for months, and then one day you’ll get an audio message you’ll never open. Some will want to use you to practice English. Maybe most will want to use you to practice English…

It’s almost as if everyone is different and has their own personalities huh? But if you just want to get your dick wet then you don’t care about personality, do you?

So basically keep trying. But I’ve found Taiwanese people are mostly racist at different degrees and their experience with you could effect their opinions and views on other foreigners and/or people with similar features as you. So please stop playing Taiwanese girls and fucking it up for everyone else.

Anyway I met my last three girlfriends on Tinder. I’m still in a relationship. I’m hoping this one lasts because she’s great!

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Based on your summary of your experience, I have to ask: who is playing who? Sounds like everyone is playing each other (and themselves).


True, but I’ve asked around and the general consensus is foreigners are players and don’t settle down.

Also Tinder in America and Taiwan is awful. It’s effective for meeting people but it feels gross to me… just window shopping for mates like you’re scrolling through Amazon or PCHome.

Don’t get to focused on Tinder. It isn’t the only online resource. There are many. Met a lot online, without Tinder, Huge huge variety of follow-on experiences.

Kind of hard to imagine people talk so much about Tinder here, it’s almost like saying there is only one coffee shop to meet people. And that coffee shop only has a few choices.

No doubt there are foreigners who are looking to play the field but sounds like a very convenient stereotype too. There are fundamental differences between local and Western cultures when it comes to how relationships develop and how and when people commit.

A local woman might think a guy is a player who isn’t serious when in reality they just aren’t on the same page about where their relationship is at when she decides she wants a bigger commitment, or to be more accurate, her family starts pressuring her about marriage and kids.

Taiwanese female on Tinder.
Yes they want a USA man nothing else!
I have eventually started dating a really nice girl who wasn’t disappointed that I was English, shit others I met keep saying oh I don’t understand you!
Fluent English speaking ladies.

Edit: I’m not in tech or rich. So possibly talking more bollocks.

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