Researching Dating apps that are used in Taiwan

I’m doing research on the most popular dating apps in Taiwan. Does anyone know which ones are popular in Taiwan? I’ve been trying to find data on usage rates in Taiwan, but not a lot of luck. I am also interested in anyone’s particular experience with this.

I am looking more for infomation on dating apps than hookup apps. Also, to keep things generalized I am not looking into LGBT targeted apps.

Line & WeChat

you missed one:

This one is said to be more oriented towards serious relationships.

Most of them asks for the user’s facebook account. Most of them charges male users for a membership fee if they want to see messages from their matches.

I’ve seen my friends and colleagues use pairs and paktor. They found out about it through word of mouth success stories. They paid over 999NTD for 3-month memberships. They were able to get dates from Pairs, but those dates didn’t turn into long term relationships. I’ve used pairs because my colleagues were all talking about it, but I never paid. I got some matches, but since I didn’t pay, I couldn’t see their messages.

From what I’ve seen though, Pairs’ main demographic is from 22 to 28. Paktor is just yet another Tinder. Beetalk has the reputation of being used by an even younger crowd, but I think it’s no longer that popular.

I’ve heard of rumors about models being paid to create accounts on these apps. It’s a quick way to rack up new male members.

There’s also PTT’s All Together forum… if that counts as an app…