Tinder Dates in Taipei

Well then what do they want to talk about.

Nothing. Haven’t you seen Taiwanese couples at restaurants or cafes? They sit there and stare at their phones. The women are usually looking at photos or videos and the men are usually playing games.


They don’t want to talk…they want to DO
They are waiting for you to invite them to go out and eat and have you buy little gifts for them and take them out again and again until they tire of you or you tire of them

Conversation was never part of a grand plan


Yes 7 year anniversary for the TOMSter
Wife and tomster went to a pricey seafood restaurant and she pulled out her phone and I whipped out mine (phone as well )

And then we did our thing On our phones until the food came

I suggested maybe since everyone else was having a conversation we could perhaps pretend to be having one too? Nope not interested lol

We were like couples married 40 years

No , conversation was never what brought us together

Not really sure what DID

Maybe both us wanted to have a partner and we were each other’s only applicant ? What a thought but probably true

Which raises the $64,000 question for dating in a place like Taiwan: what is your goal?

Sure, there are a ton of lookers here, but if you’re trying to meet someone outgoing, with broad interests (who likes sharing them with a partner), and who enjoys a wide range of activities, my biased opinion is that this isn’t the greatest place to date. That’s not to say it isn’t possible. Some of us get lucky, but this type of personality is pretty unconventional as far as local standards are concerned, and the language and cultural barriers can make finding it even more difficult unless you speak good Chinese.


You want a girl who likes the outdoors
Meet them outdoors

Don’t meet the ones hiding from the sun


Be careful of “secret boyfriends”. I was skeptical when I read the thread about this earlier this year, but it has now happened to me twice in the span of two weeks on Tinder. If/when this happens, see if they can introduce you to one of their friends instead of just bailing on them or agreeing to do something shitty like help them cheat. This looks classy I think, and can potentially lead to meeting great girls that already see you as “approved of” (in at least a basic way) by their friend.

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Well the reputation is that Tinder is a place for hookups, so I wouldn’t assume that everyone using it is really single. Sucks if you’re seeking a long-term relationship but a blessing perhaps if you’re just looking for some short-term fun.

But asking a woman who had a “secret boyfriend” to hook you up with her friends for something more serious? Sort of like asking an unscrupulous used car dealer to refer you to another car dealer after he tried to rip you off.

Always remember that birds of a feather flock together.

No, you definitely don’t ask her to help you find someone for something more serious.

People draw the line in different places - many people are happy with not being in a serious relationship, but they do draw the line at helping people cheat.

So yeah, I agree with your point 100% that you would not ask this already sketch character for a lead on a serious relationship lol

Sometimes the one that will stay with you comes to you when you don’t expect it

And not when you are actively seeking

The Bible I think said Seek and Yee Shall Find

However Tommy’s corrollary says

Don’t Seek and Yee Shall Be Found

Sometimes you may be so earnestly seeking that you don’t realize someone around you has interest in you


Wait…didn’t you guys talk online for years before meeting?

Don’t let the truth get in the way of the story

Yes they talk before marriage not so much after it seems

Which some guys think is a blessing Though


Just as long as they’re putting out. Oh, wait… :sunglasses:


You obviously think you know me?
Great map though thanks.
I wouldn’t dare post what I did ask as may seem more stupid than I posted.

OK still trying Tinder, have now seen 4 Taiwanese women in 50 age group specifically stating they want foreign boyfriend.
I’m not attracted to any of then though :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you sure they are Taiwanese? Lot’s of Philipina in Taiwan and some others.

Oh yes they are no doubt.
Speaking to a friend they say common for girls in 20’s on Tinder.

My latest date.



Did you grab her by the pussy?


Tinder could be useful. It all depends on what you want out of the dates.

There are apps that the locals refer to as 約炮神器 (hookup tool), and other apps that focus on people looking for serious relationships.

Usually, guys would have to pay for a subscription for those serious dating ups, and they tend to try to filter out escorts and other fake accounts. People still manage to fool the system, but those accounts would have their Line IDs written on their photos, so it’s super obvious.

There are threads on this topic already.