Tinder Dates in Taipei

The smooth operators are still out there in real life picking up real girls

Ex GF and her BFF in line to get into a wine bar in taipei

Gringo In line behind her strikes up simple convo nothing too elaborate or aggressive but broke the ice

Once inside a few minutes later he came over with a bottle to share and …

Supposedly nothing happened later when she went to “check out his apartment “

“Yesterday” is a Beatles song …not when I was born

So maybe don’t tinder get out there instead

Look for a pretty girl in a line get behind her

Easy to say something to her. “Man this line takes a long time huh “ If she engages you eagerly you got prospects

I found that Taiwanese girls are more open to possibilities than the same trick here in the US where girls may talk to you but still have no interest in you


Wow, that’s an idea for another Taiwan-centric dating app:

Linder! Discover the longest lines in your part of Taiwan…

Remember, the longer the line, the more ladies are fine! Inversely, the shorter the line, well obviously no one eats there. Do you eat there? It must not be very good…


Be prepared for a lot of I don’t speak English looks in most lines.

Bottle service can work though. No common language needed for that one.


Q: which district do live in A: yes
Q: do you have children. A: great
Q: do you live in Taipei. A: oh
Q: what’s your favourite music. A: that’s good

I should add those are not my questions.



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This drives me nuts. A lot of women won’t text me unless I text them. ALL THE TIME. If I let a few days go by they are happy to never reply again. I eventually gave up as it happened repeatedly and I got tired of always keeping the conversation going.


its a different world nowadays… theres no reason for young taiwanese people to chat to strangers. But i’ve heard of the odd one trying it, taiwanese girls seem to be amazingly naive about it.Like, the possibility this guy obviously wants to bang would never cross their mind…

If there’s one thing i liked about my ex is that she shoo’d away any riff raff trying to chat her up.

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New taipei city.

yes that really narrows it down! thank you.


Not sure young ladies are much different now then 100 years ago . They are probably still more in tune then they appear and no dummer.

They are probably working you more than you may think

I think that is to their detriment though. And not just for women. Everyone’s so hooked to their devices to bother meeting new people… just the same old cliques getting together. Boring.

What people look like today


The difference is there were no smart phones 100 years ago.

I find all this to be very true. About two years ago I was actively using tinder and was receiving hundreds and hundreds of matches. Making dates and meeting people was quite easy and I had many options, so much so that I could pick and choose who to meet if I wanted. I had even engaged with people who actively talked about sex with me upon meeting (not at all what I was looking for and felt more like harassment). At that time, it was a far more reliable app to actively make friends and I eventually met my current partner via the app. More recently, I’ve been using language exchange apps to practice my mandarin. I don’t get near as many matches and when I do, the conversation is often,

Them : 你好

Me : 你好

Them : 你好

With the expectation that I will begin the conversation after they have initially messaged me. I find that this is absolutely the case with the majority of Chinese people I encounter. With Taiwanese people, it is less frequent but most of the very normal people who appear to have no actual interests or hobbies would often engage with me in this way. Further, the fact that many people respond with one-word messages (either when speaking Mandarin or English) is so prevalent. It doesn’t seem to matter which language is used, they make the initial engagement with me and say literally nothing. Questions are rarely answered in a succinct way and when I call people out for clearly being uninterested to talk yet having sent the first message, they have no idea what the problem is. Apathy is a common trend when trying to make friends with Taiwanese people.


Yeah we used to be smarter than our phones


I use the Baseball approach

Three strikes and she’s out

I try three times Only


Its a bit of a culture difference isn’t it? People here tend to talk on a specific subject, small talk not so much. Is it such of a big deal? i personally like how laid back everyone is.

I do have limits though. And “yOu ThiNk tOo mUcH” winds me up to no end.


Which app/s do you use?

I mainly use Tandem as I am aware that Hellotalk is owned and operated by a Chinese company and I’ve already been banned on Hellotalk before for discussing Taiwanese issues in a private message. Tandem is much the same though, don’t engage with any Chinese people at all, you’ll be immediately reported and banned by the app for talking about Taiwan.

I suppose Tandem is a good alternative if you want to play the ‘language exchange but actually looking for a date’ game that many local people play. There’s a lot of people on Tandem who just want to interact with ‘waiguoren’. I’ve had far more fruitful conversations via Tandem than I have on Tinder as well, perhaps because of the sheer volume of users and the mutual interest in exchange.


Tandem is a German company? And they’ll ban you if you mention Taiwan to a Chinese person? :thinking:

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I’ve encountered far too many times when someone asks me where I live, I say Taiwan, they say ‘how long have you lived in China?’. I kindly correct them and tell them I’ve never been to China, they proceed to report me and the app consistently bans me for this practice. I’ve also been in numerous arguments with Chinese people regarding the same topic, followed in suit with a report and a ban. The point is that the app is very subservient to their Chinese base, likely because there are so many Chinese users on the app.


Yes interests are low down on the list of things they want to talk about