Dealing with idiot clients

This is more a rant than anything. But my god…people are stupid. I’m selling an ebook, it’s clearly written that it’s a downloadable ebook. Some people have been emailing me asking me when they will get their physical book and they’ve been waiting for a few days. Never mind it says it’s an ebook…did it not seem strange that I never asked for their shipping details or charged for shipping? How could I ship an actual book to them if they never gave me a shipping address? :man_facepalming:

Anyone else experienced these kinds of people?


Some people don’t read. That’s why there are scams on some platforms that sell empty boxes of a product clearly stated in the description. But some still fall for it.


Oh yes, I remember the Xbox scam on ebay back in the day lol. “This is a box with X on it” lol

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I tend to skim on the internet.

I got caught once buying a ‘chin’ piece for my LG phone. I thought it included the USB plug and all. They mailed me a dummy piece that clips in and does nothing. I was pissed thinking I was scammed. Looked at the description again and it clearly says, dummy piece, for aesthetic use only.

It is an obvious scam but not one I can win with eBay at it clearly says what it is in the description.


Forumosa has many examples of that!


Do fellow Forumoseans get a special discount? :howyoudoin:

Everyday, I deal with overseas idjit clients but I got no choice need to work with them and the most important thing is I need to roll the business to survive.


Try telling them that…

The intelligence of the average American is pretty low. The best performing apps and businesses today are generally time wasters like TikTok. Maybe you can capitalize on that.


You’re lucky they’re overseas.


Some people are like that… nothing you can do about it but if push comes to shove you can always refund them and take back the rights to the Ebook (if it has a DRM).

As for the box thing… it’s not a scam if it clearly says in the description that it’s a box.

I think about 90% of my clients don’t read the cover letter on the front of the tax return I provide. I’ve taken to highlighting what they absolutely must know and they still miss it. I think they just sign the return and send it back to me. Six months later they get a notice regarding unpaid taxes with penalties and interest. They call me, “you didn’t tell me I owed taxes.”


Never expect people to read signs. That’s why most signage are pictograms and simple shapes. In a company where I worked, we had forklifts transport heavy and bulky stuff from a to b all over the premises. There were no-go areas for visitors and customers, clearly marked. The company ended up fencing them off because apparently the signs were not enough and one customer almost got turned into meaty guacamole by walking around a corner where no pedestrians were allowed.


I don’t think anyone is in the same Industry.

This one takes the cake.

I spend like 30min on chat with a client from the US. She spent about 100GBP and was upset that her card debited 140USD. She genuinely did not understand other currencies…I had to explain this to her. She got frustrated and said “we in the US don’t understand that”…I had to be polite and not mention I’m American and understand it just fine…took a lot of self discipline.

I offered a refund, and when I did refund her…she thought I meant refund her the 38USD difference because my site mislead her and she can’t be expected to know about GBP and £ symbol because she’s in the US and it’s like another language…

This was wild.


She spoke on behalf of 330 million Americans. That’s about 270 million when converted into British. :laughing:


Truly awesome.

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I honestly don’t know what to do with this lady above, she ordered something wrong on accident and now wants me to refund her for a masterclass she didn’t want and send her a product that she actually wanted. I have already shipped her order out with all the physical products, I don’t refund non physical products because they can download it and keep it.

Shipping to the US is 12.50 pounds, it really hurts me to send this to her for free. But I am a small business that gets most of my sales through positive word of mouth, this lady has an attitude and I know she will likely talk shit about us when we did nothing wrong. I even already gave her a 10% discount with the first order to keep her happy. She thinks I should just send her the product for free as a courtesy…

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Andrew, Karen.
Karen, Andrew.

From time to time the universe gives you a douchebag customer.
I still struggle with these people.
If its an outlier, I just cut my losses and do what I can to make them satisfied.
Hopefully they disappear and don’t become an unflushable turd.