Dealing with idiot clients

Except if she’s asking for something ridiculously expensive favour, I’d do as @chilifries said.

For the future I’d recommend to write on your website that the prices are in £ and that the amount to payay vary depending on the buyer’s local currency.

I remember learning about quick-change artist’s, and the longer they can keep the cash register open the more they can take from the unwitting cashier.

I don’t operate this kind of business, and this customer may or may not be intentionally taking advantage, but it sounds like a biiig hassle -and- taking advantage, right? I say close the register; unwind the deal and tell them that if they want other items just start from your website and end the conversation. Sorry to hear that -


Some people are really into free product. Ask Bob & Doug.

It reminds me of the scene in 24 where a woman discovers some men robbing her house. They point a gun at her and tell her to hand over her cash. She opens a safe and says, “Here, this is 20,000 euros in cash. Take it!”

The response: “Do I look European to you?! I want cash money!!!” :rant:

Here’s a new one.

Client “Hi I did not receive my package today”

Me “Hi, did you check your post box? It says delivered today”

Client “Oh yes, it is in my post box”


Sometimes quoting for a job is really nerve wrecking. Thing is especially when not familiar with market rate (as Taiwan isn’t known for transparency) so I make a quote hoping it’s good enough, or if it’s not the client would be willing to negotiate.

Not all clients are willing to negotiate when they hear a price above their budget and I decide to lower the price to fit their budget better.

I get some people who didn’t get their package tell me like 3 weeks later. I don’t really get why they wait 3 weeks, it makes it really hard to track down and ask for refunds for shipping.

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Client “it won’t let me log in. Says there’s no account under this email”

Me “Let me check” “oh wait. You never created an account to log in to…”

From yesterday.

Airbnb guests: the AC is broke and it is really hot
My Property Manager: I’m on the way with some fans
Me: So sorry, HVAC guy will be stopping by in a few hours to fix.


Property Manager: cancel the HVAC guy. One of the guests was upset with the other guests and turned off the AC. I’ve now shown all of the guests how to use the thermostat.


3 weeks? That doesn’t really sound that unreasonable. Life gets in the way and there can easily be more important things to do than contacting someone about a package that you may or may not be actively tracking, especially if you’re not AndrewPrime and try to deliver within 1-2 days. Couple that with a lot of people doing a lot more shopping online (so constantly getting packages), weekends, travel… Eh.

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We do next day shipping. It should come right away. They are basically work supplies for my clients.

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Client “My package didn’t arrive, where is it?”

Me “The tracking says delivered today, did you check the post box?”

Client “I haven’t gone to the post box because it’s really far down the drive way”


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That is a lazy client who cannot be bothered to go to the post box, so want you to check first, and maybe rich if they have a long drive.Partly said in sarcasm, but maybe there are people actually that lazy😀