Debit cards from the Post Office

hmm… It’s been pretty clear that so far, the people in this bank have not really had much of a clue. The lady seemed quite opposed to the possibility of having two PIN numbers on the same card, but I was talking about it in reference to ATMs, not in reference to buying things, since I’m not so familiar with that (we can always sign in the US), so maybe I will give her the (very slight) benefit of the doubt…
Too late now anyway, since I leave this weekend.
I don’t have terribly high hopes that it’ll actually work over there, but it would be a pleasant surprise. I’ll report back in a few days…

Success! I was able to use my new Visa card to withdraw money from an Austrian ATM :slight_smile:. The 6 digit PIN was no problem. Haven’t tried using it in a shop yet though…

Does anybody know if it is possible to use the Post Office Debit card to buy Skype packages online? It seems like Amazon does not work? Where exactly can you use this card online? Is it a good card to get for online purchases? I don’t have a credit card.

@twonavels: if this card is like any other so-called ‘debit card’ that are available to expats here, then no - you can not use them to make online purchaces. The card will be fr ‘electronic use only’ - i.e. in shops in Taiwan and in ATMs. I find it hard to believe that it works overseas.

They will work abroad (provided you set up the function when you apply). However, they do not work for online purchases.

So… would the post office be the best place for a foreigner to open a bank account with the hopes of getting a visa debit card for online purchases?

You can get a Visa debit card from Taishin Bank that works abroad, as well as online…but your ARC has to be valid for more than a year.

oh suck… there’s no taishin bank in yunlin… do anyone know which branch is the nearest to me?? im at douliu, yunlin.
how about chinatrust… can i use their Visa debit card for online purchases?
i have an ARC,etc. im a college student here.

I once ended up without any money in Thailand because the “international debt card” issued by a Taiwanese bank didn’t actually work overseas. My friends card – identical to mine – worked, though.

[quote=“Confused”]oh suck… there’s no taishin bank in Yunlin… do anyone know which branch is the nearest to me?? im at douliu, Yunlin.
how about chinatrust… can i use their Visa debit card for online purchases?
I have an ARC,etc. im a college student here.[/quote]

Here is a link to a list of all their branches. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

there is a chinatrust bank not far from my place…
does the visa debit card of chinatrust can be used for online shopping??
and do this post office’s debit visa card can be used for clickbank or paypal??

I’m sorry, I have no idea if those work for online shopping. Best you visit them and find out. Good luck!

I thought that Chinatrust had always refused to issue Visa debit cards to foreigners?

You have to ask them to open it for use overseas. At Union Bank they asked me when I applied, however always check.

What I hate about the international debit cards, is that they only work if it’s possible for the machine overseas to connect not to Visa but also to the bank in Taiwan. The links do not always work, so it’s hit and miss at times. In Feb, I managed to be unable to buy lift passes due to Union Bank’s server not being available - it was fine 10 minutes later, though.

the post office visa debit card is not working online… what a waste…
i think i will make a new account at chinatrust or maybe taishin…
do you guys have any idea how much i need for the first deposit each bank?
i hear from my friend the first deposit is about 10.000 NT is it right?

my 2 cents here

For any complaint about the banking service in Taiwan, try send it to the (Banking Bureau) Financial Supervisory Commission.
No hurt to try … x?frame=13

I just got myself a visa debit card, not from post office (since I realized it wont work online), but from ChinaTrust bank.

I was told it would work online, and it only did for websites that doesn’t have the ‘verified by visa’ security feature, which requires you to key in some extra passwords when you do online transaction (aka 'VISA 3-D secure"). Most online shopping payment requires this these days, I had no choice but to use my oversea credit card I had before.

I called ChinaTrust bank customer service, after inquiries, they said that foreigners can’t sign-up for this 'VISA 3-D secure" feature due to system limitation for debit card, and advised me to apply for their credit card so I would be eligible to sign-up for “VISA 3-D secure”

Anyone here is using visa debit card from ChinaTrust, or any other bank that has this same limitation also? I just want to make sure I am not getting fooled around by the banks here, because I also have a debit card from my home country, it has this ‘VISA 3-D’ approved for no problem at all.

I am using a visa debit card from HuaNan Bank, and it seems that I can only use it for purchases locally or on Taiwan-based websites. The bank actually told me this in advance, but I was hoping it would have gone through somehow… :pray:

My employer is helping me co-sign for a SinoPac credit card, as part of my contract renewal. Been rejected several times when applying by myself, even through “guan xi” connections.

my situation is a bit different, I knew that HuaNan debit card is limited for local use, my ChinaTrust debit cards works for some site overseas, I already tried it on, it works because they don’t use this 'Visa 3-D secure" feature.

It just doesn’t work on most other sites that need this extra security, e.g. airlines company for buying air tickets, they need me to enter some extra passwords for the payment to proceed, ChinaTrust bank doesn’t allow me to set up this extra security password due to limitation they said.

Anyone had the same problem?

Since the topic is no longer just the POVDC, i have tried a summary at A guide to Taiwanese VISA Debit Cards