Deleting PMs

Sorry, this must be a dumb as all heck post. but how do I delete my inbox messages?

when in message I tried to hit the trash can and get this message:

You don’t have permission to delete this topic. If you really want it to be deleted, submit a flag for moderator attention together with reasoning.

when in the inbox I see no check boxes, holding and waiting for a prompt doesnt happen, just the usual"open in new tab" type window.

Ifeel bad for asking, as Iknow it has to be ultra simple. but I just cant see it…where is the delete/empty type button?

cheers for any help :slight_smile:

They’re basically private posts, so you can’t delete them. There’s no size limit, so you can just ignore them

not worried about size limits, just wanto delete PMs I helped others make as they are not to do with me nor with people I associate with normally. that’s mistake, I thought they were able to be deleted…

They are owned by the Forumosa corporation.


farck :face_in_clouds:

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Are @Explant "s PM’s for sale?

I’ll start bidding at 100$ NTD


I don’t have access to PMs, but do you think they’re worth that much?

I believe they were already sold to Google. But subsequently crashed their servers due to lack of punctuation.


ok, that one actually made me laugh out loud. touche. i already had to edit it because my phone wrote it PMS. It was a bit much, even for me :joy:

but on a serious note, no one cares about being connected to strangers anymore? liability? etc…

I always thought deleting private messages was pretty standard procedure. like emails. nothing really bad if course, but helping people.message others because they cannot etc. and I dont know the other person etc.

going forward, I wont. but it’s good to know that private messages are permanent here. I literally never would have thought that a thing, until now.

I miss old internet :upside_down_face:


With email the other person still has a copy after you delete your copy

I haven’t deleted an email since I got on GMail about 2004

Exactly like every post

You can delete private chats so they don’t take up any visual space in your chat list, but not private messages.

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I’ve often wanted to delete my account on this platform and all my posts and comments with it, but I don’t think it’s allowed. If it is, someone contact me about it

Don’t we all.

It would certainly make the threads harder to follow, if there are a bunch of deleted posts.

In any case, there is a procedure where you can have all your posts disassociated from your user name. You’ll need to contact Tempogain for that.


Deleting posts will make many threads illegible. One can request to anonymize the account. Then all posts will be associated with some random Anonymous7232 account.

Edit: I posted basically same thing as HongKonger at the same time.


Do they have to explain why they want it anonymised?

Or do you just do it upon request?

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It’s not really much different from a member name change as far as we’re concerned.


True. Even if the posts are anonymized, they are still associated with one another because they will still share the same user name.

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how do I delete my inbox messages?

The thing is, you’d also be deleting someone else’s PM, or everyone’s PM in a group message. You can remove yourself from the PM which will take it out of your inbox. Look for the Add or Remove button under the OP.


But what happens to the email associated with it?


Or is the email just linked to the anonymous account?

Email is deleted.