Demographics Taiwan (How Many of What Kind of Foreign Residents)


According to the National Immigration Agency (NIA) there are ~725,000 Foreign Residents.

Breakouts by nationality located on the NIA website here in an unfriendly spreadsheet.

USA has around 10,000 in Taiwan. What about others?


I would like to do a small website that presets this data in a useful visual way. At the moment I am quite busy and don’t have time to do this. :slightly_frowning_face:


20 Armenians–hooray! (Last time I checked it was 7. Of course some will be using other passports.) If only there were some sort of forum or PM function…

And 255 Turks, half of them probably Gulenists.


It would be interesting to break it down even further into ethnicity.
Sure there are 10,000 from USA, but how many are caucasian, black, ABC, ABT, hispanic, etc, etc.


What’s next, friggin Uzbeks??


36 Uzbeks. Unfortunately, Cossacks are not separately tabulated.


Are there really only 2 foreign residents from Hong Kong? That’s… impossible.

The number of Australians seems to have gone down.


Maybe they are different kind of category? I think Hong Kong may have one of the largest number of immigrants to Taiwan in 2017.


2017 Jan. - Nov.

Mainland: TARC 12,032 Naturalize 5,643
Hong Kong: TARC 3,775 Naturalize 991
Macao: TARC 1,348 Naturalize 162
Nationals without HR: TARC 5620 Naturalize 8,481

Naturalization may not be a right term, but I didn’t come up with a proper one.


I took the Nov 2017 data and resorted it by total population so it is a bit more readable.

Some quick things to point out:

  • the Top 10 Countries make up 97% of all foreign residents

  • the Top 20 Countries make up over 99% of all foreign residents

  • Five of the 10 founding member countries of ASEAN make up the top 5 countries of origin

  • the Top 5 countries (all ASEAN members) comprise 93% of Taiwan’s foreign resident population

  • there are more Japanese residents than Americans

  • there are more Korean residents than Canadians

  • there are more Indian nationals than UK subjects

  • there are more Mongolians than Russians and Italians combined

  • one in 3 Foreign Residents are from Indonesia

  • almost one in 3 Foreign Residents are from Vietnam

  • one in 5 Foreign Residents are from the Philippines

  • Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines make up 81% of all Foreign Residents

  • Outside the Top 20 Countries of Origin, there are 153 other countries, which contribute a combined total of 8,255 Foreign Residents, which is less than the total number of Residents from the US.


I have not run into an Australian here in over 8 years!
On the flip side, many young Taiwanese are flocking to Oz.

Over 12 years on the rock I have seen an increase in Saffers and Canucks and a decrease in Brits and Aussies. Yanks have always been a steady stream.


noun informal
plural noun: Yanks
an American.


Question: does this take into account the students? Married folk?

It says there that there are a couple dozen from teh old country. Our ministry of foreign affairs says there are 45 registered citizens here. I find it puzzling as there were at least 25 thousand Taiwanese there, and if at least 5000 had local passports. But I guess they do not count!

Venezuelans look accurate, but Paraguay I think 150 students came in this year alone.


The USA has about 10,000 on this list, but if China invades, AIT people figure they’ll have to evacuate 40,000 (or so I heard). The rest would mostly be US / ROC dual citizens. I personally doubt that anyone could ever figure out how many of those there are (at least, not until they start to swarm the helicopters).


If it gets that bad, the USG will charter commercial airliners and pick people up at the airport.


Good luck getting them past the blockade. And making enough flights to evacuate 40,000+ people plus relatives.


Invest in a yacht, my friends, a panga, anything that floats. And/or a jungle survival course.


In the immortal words of Tarzan, “Ooooooeeeooeeaaaaaeeaaaeeooooo!”


Ain’t nobody will be evacuated cept maybe a few ait spooks

They would be in the know and flown out before shit got real

Ain’t nobody helicoptering out


There are any number of possible situations so AIT plans for many.

Known in advance so people should start leaving on their own.
Insufficient commercial flights so need to supplement.
Helicopters off of aircraft carriers.
Emergency, no chance for evacuation.

And combinations of these and other possible situations.

If you see AIT families all of the sudden packing to leave with just a few suitcases, consider looking for a holiday. They will go before the actual AIT staff.