Demographics Taiwan (How Many of What Kind of Foreign Residents)


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Unless US will invade North Korea, China will not invade Taiwan. And besides, invasion is not a Chinese way, why invade something you can simply destroy using economic ways? But this is an interesting topic for discussion, yep. They say, the hottest spot will be in Hsinchu. They also say, nobody will miss Hsinchu.


I did my conscription at hsinchu, Taiwan has no chance if my commanding officer was leading the defense. He looked like the first guy to surrender using waving his tidy whities as the white flag.

There was however a huge number of tanks. Buf like 5 guys that can actually maneuver one…nice armory that keeps locked and I feel like I’ve fired more shots than the entire platoon in the US.


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edit: I come to think that there’s definitely a higher percentage of hicks in the USA than in Spain (which has a lot already).


Which airport are we talking about? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



The data includes students.

it says, as of November,135 people from Paraguay were here on ARCs at that time, and among them 102 people were students.


That is where I find it weird. Every year, we have incoming about 100 students. So, an accumulation would reveal say, 200 to 1000 souls cramming Chinese characters and swearing in Spanish.


Do they all get ARC’s?


Sure, along with a pretty nice scholarship.


0.9% of foreign residents are kids younger than 15.

Japanese are 1.95% of all, but 26% of kids

American are 1.37% of all, and 20% of kids

Korean are 0.6% of all, and 8% of kids

Indonesian are 32% of all, and 5% of kids

Vietnamese are 27% of all, and 3.4% of kids

Filipinos are 20% of all, and 3% of kids


Indonesian and Filipinos are workers. I think most of the Vietnamese came as mail-order brides and their families right? Or are a lot of Vietnamese actually here as workers?


Numbers of foreign spouses on ARCs (female+male)

Vietnamese 15453+783
Indonesian 3491+269
Filipino 2727+332

Thai 3037+2319
Malaysian 1333+1057
Japanese 1737+1539
Korean 644+415

American 375+1864
UK 59+642
French 44+464


This would seem to imply a net increase in the female population, although maybe it’s balanced out by the selective abortion of female babies by Taiwese parents. Why bother raising daughters when you can just import brides for your sons at a later date?


So in Taiwan for spouse, there are four times as many American men here for a Taiwan women, ten times as many UK and French men as women. Which is the opposite of Asian countries where more women come to Taiwan for their spouse than men.

What can we infer from this particular data point?


Men are imported for their labor, women for their wombs.


I think a substantial portion of these men are still left over from the days when the US military was in Taiwan or came for rest and relaxation.


About 10 years ago, the numbers of American spouses on ARCs are 847 men and 222 women.


Or we could say men are imported to go into the labor force, and women are imported to go into labor. :roll_eyes:


I wouldn’t think so. For one thing, this legal category didn’t exist until the 2000s. Back then (pre-1979) soldiers took their brides back to the US. For another, the “Western man, Taiwanese woman” combination seems to be more popular than the reverse. (I’m sure there must be 20 Forumosa threads discussing why.)