Dentist question - a cultural difference?

On the second part of my root canal, the dentist tells me that the nerve was extracted and that I don’t need a local. 40 minutes later, things get really painful. So much so that I was moaning very loud in the chair trying to get my head away from his hand inside my mouth.
I understand that pain meds are very restricted here. I got panadol for pain after they removed the impacted wisdom tooth the week before, but they did use a local anesthetic for that. Would there be any reason why the dentist would not be allowed to use a local anesthetic for the root canal?
The next appointment is next wednesday and I’m so scared.

It’s kind of local custom to grimace and bear it. No restriction other than being cheap.

Just tell the dentist that it hurt like hell last time and you want a shot.


You got a shite dentist. First he didn’t get all the pulp out and can’t be arsed to finish the job right. Second, as cow says, he’s just pinching pennies getting cheap assed on the novocain.
Tell him to needle the fuck up already.


Find a new dentist. This one is clearly incompetent.


Gotcha. I must have appeared weak and worthless to the staff. (the wisdom tooth extraction was nothing compared to the last root canal appointment).

Thanks for the advice, I’ll do just that, ask for an LA in advance.

btw, because not everything went so well, I have 2 more appointments on this molar. I’m not a happy camper. (4 visits in total for one tooth)

I don’t know, suck it up has limits even for people here. A shot of Novocaine is the easiest thing in the world

Exactly, it takes 20 seconds to do and a few minutes waiting. I just don’t understand why he did that.

No idea, but since I’m in Taiwan the dentist never used an anesthetic for any procedure, not even a root canal I had, and he saved my tooth just drilling through it and removing the root, filling it. It took about 5 sessions to complete.

Don’t you feel any pain?

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It may just be incompetence, but don’t rule out sadism. :2cents:


As @tempogain already said, fine another dentist. Don’t waste your time and money with an incompetent one. Who knows what issue will you have next time?

I had to do two implants and one root canal here. The dentist did a great job and the only pain I felt was the pinch of the injection. He also explained in details all the procedure and answered any question I had.
There are great professionals out there. Find another one.

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Or a burning hatred of foreigners :slight_smile: Get this reference: “Is it safe?”


I doubt that. The dentists here seem to be equal opportunity sadists. :sunglasses:

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All dentists I think. Probably hitting the laughing gas too hard. It’s a good thing they don’t have ketamine like the vets.

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Now that’s something I wish they had here.

That was always my anesthetic of choice too. My dentist started to notice after a while lol

In addition to all the advice above (ie., ask and ye shall receive) I’ll just suggest that a lot of dentists here are a bit overenthusiastic with their interventions. Everyone I know has had loads of complicated dental procedures, and against my own better judgement I had a root canal myself. I’m convinced that 90% of this is completely unnecessary, but dentists’ bills have to be paid like everybody else’s. That means a certain amount of make-work at your expense.

I find it hard to believe that all Taiwanese people - with their general aversion to sweet things and junk food - have dental health worse than the British, with a corresponding requirement for regular fillings and drillings.

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I just miss the nitrous. It’s a shame it isn’t available here.

Woot??? are you sure you are living in Taiwan?


I’ve actually heard about it being available at certain clinics, but usually the fancy ones that don’t accept jianbao.