Denying dine in services because of children...and old people who need to get slapped

Is this a common thing here? Went out to get some coffee at “Coffee & Things” with my wife and baby in a stroller to the cafe i had visited with baby only before, and the clerk denied us dine in service, but was willing to let us sit outside after i had came back to talk to him. The thing is, NO ONE was in the cafe and the mannerism in which the clerk spoke to my wife, seemed like he was annoyed about having to tell us this like we should have known (pretty rude). I had to come back and ask the clerk why i wasnt told this last time i came in with my baby by myself(this is also when he made the outside sitting service available). His demeanor completely changed since he was now talking to me and not my wife, albeit i was using google translator to ask the question. We left but im getting the vibe that this will be a reoccurring trend.

Also, do the old people here have no sense of shame, i had a old man stop in the middle of the sidewalk while passing him to try and stare into the baby stroller, literally centimeter/inches away from me( within elbows distance). I cover the baby seat completely with a sarong for privacy, but damn…i didnt expect the uncomfortable interaction…this is the first time in my life ive considered smacking the shit out of an elderly person…ive even let the ones who cut in line go by with courtesy…but this!!!

Did they say you can’t dine in because of your child?

yes, specifically they dont allow kids under the age of 8 to dine -in.

Never come across that.


ive been to a few places, and i specifically choose places i know that are empty…so i knew this place would be empty…which it was…i dont know what ups, funny part was the manager/owner i assume was the one who took my order the first time…and he aint say nothing to me. i just hit them with an honest review and moved on. im hoping this isnt something i should be aware of, but so far so good.

I’ve never come across this or even heard of it in Taipei.

I had a guy refuse to rent an apartment to us once because of the kid, but never a restaurant or coffee shop.

Edit: just been corrected by my wife. There are a few ‘high class’ places that do that. They use expensive cups or something.


If you spoke to them in English, they probably had no idea what you were saying. Or they assumed you were under eight.

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just an everyday hipster cafe place.


the manager spoke english with an american accent lmao! he wasnt there today, and the clerk spoke with my wife at first in mandarin, and i came back by myself to ask my question via google translate. so yeah, this wasnt a communication issue.

also why be so rude?

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Saw this all the time in the UK, but never here.

I’d name and shame the café if I were you.


i did, “coffee and things” and wrote a google review…my wife wanted scorched earth…i settled for a google review since i know thats where most people go for.


Find another, friendlier place to whom you can give your hard-earned cash. :grin:

About the curiosity about the baby and the space issue: I guess you are new here? The spatial rules (such as they are) were among my biggest points of culture shock, especially after living in Japan, where people are extremely respectful of personal space. Depending on the people you are dealing with, Taiwan can be often the opposite!

In both cases, don’t take it personally. It’s all about them.



I just read your review and I’m glad you shared your concerns in a non-emotional way. I doubt they will change their no children policy because it seems they want to protect a certain cosplay image, exemplified by the photos in this review:

EDIT: Weird I can see the photos on my computer, but when I open the link on my phone there aren’t any photos. This is what I’m talking about…

An “influencer’s” paradise. Ugh.

Even though I’m single and enjoy my quiet time, I can’t imagine a café not allowing children. Fortunately, these days there are plenty more out there to choose from.


Opens at 2pm. I need a fix before then.

Still, what a joke. I mean kids are typically an afterthought in cafes here, often there is nothing on the menu that is appropriate for the younger ones. So you order them an iced chocolate and it comes out in some fragile, I don’t know, champagne flute that you know you are going to have to be on tenterhooks the whole time ensuring it doesn’t get knocked off the table. So not catering for children is one thing, but now explicitly denying dine in services to families with young children is, well, a little saddening really.


I only saw this in high end fine dining establishments here, where they limit the age to 16 and up or 18 and up. I can understand why a Michellin restaurant is not suitable setting for a todler, but a coffee shop???
anyway, if your kid is in a stroller, just tell them its your pet. a dog or a car in a stroller are probably allowed there :slight_smile:


Yes , Pets are allowed in this cafe ,

Some of the info I found on the FB page (I use google translate)

:performing_arts:Tuesday 18:30𝐩𝐦 - 21:30𝐩𝐦 “Tarot & Astrology Night”
(Please make an appointment a week in advance and provide the teacher with your birthday. )
:black_small_square:No outside food/drink allowed​:cup_with_straw:
:black_small_square:Pet friendly/bring your own leash and basket​:cat::dog:
:black_small_square:No children under 8 years old​:x::baby:t2:
:black_small_square:Groups of 6 or more people, 𝐕𝐈𝐏 boxes need to make an appointment in advance
:black_small_square: Whisper softly / maintain the quality of other people’s meals :loud_sound:
:black_small_square:3 hours on weekdays / 2 hours on holidays
Subsequent no reservation “unlimited time”
Reservations are required during holidays and peak hours :envelope_with_arrow:
:black_small_square:There are sockets next to the seats, please bring your own charging cable
:black_small_square:Provide power bank rental station​:battery:
:small_orange_diamond:Our shop mainly sells “coffee beans” and “coffee products”.
Any coffee related questions, welcome to ask the barista!
:small_orange_diamond:Announcement of baked dessert items on the same day in a limited time dynamic​:cake:
Desserts sold in the store are available for pre-order and home delivery.
:small_orange_diamond:In order to maintain the quality of other customers’ meals, please pay attention to the volume of chat :loud_sound:Do not disturb other customers.
:small_orange_diamond:Considering the glass equipment, flower utensils, decorations placed in the store, as well as space and safety issues up and down the stairs, we do not accept children under the age of 8!
:small_orange_diamond:Our store is a pet friendly space, please bring your own basket, leash, and take care of your fur babies!



Many cafes do not welcome children.


I’m only half joking

Now i read the above review, my suspicion confirmed.

They prefer animals to children.

There are a lot of people here who never had kids and no tolerance for kids.





Nice to know, thanks.

But pet friendly?!? Lol wtf

This is what Taiwan is at.