Deodorant shopping 2023

I’ve searched in a bunch of local shops of all sizes from convenience stores to Carrefour and still can’t find any spray type alcohol based deodorants. I’m in Taoyuan city. Does anyone have concrete suggestions as to which shops stock them, if any? I don’t do online shopping; physical shops only. Thanks.

I did a search here. This has been asked before, but all the threads are old and died out long ago w/o providing any real answers.

This is an example. Other brands ok.沐沐屋-美國-Old-Spice-歐仕派-體香噴霧-男士-體香劑-122g-183-i.103127.21283367744?sp_atk=b9c3a7c3-a31c-4e01-a779-c03664a6d066&xptdk=b9c3a7c3-a31c-4e01-a779-c03664a6d066

They have deodorant in carrefour, PX mart, even the 24H sell everything shops have it here in Pingtung.

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I don’t use the spray type, but in my experience Carrefour usually has a somewhat decent selection of deodorant (but not the kind I used in the US). During the summer, that is. Now that fall is here, the choices will drop through the winter (like ice cream). Howevcr, I’ve found that Watsons (EDIT: forgot about Poya as well) usually continues to have a meager supply of deodorant year round. I’m in Taoyuan.

If you want a certain brand/scent, it seems online is the way to go these days.


Spray antiperspirant is easy to find, deodorant is harder but in Taiwan I have been using an Adidas branded spray deodorant which is available at Poya and Carrefour and not too many weird chemicals

Based on advice from the forum I’ve recently picked up some Arm and Hammer sticks which I’m enjoying and might switch to after years of being a spray man


Switched to them a few years ago, far better experience to spray types!


I would advise you to reconsider this approach, if you actually want products you like.

This thread is one I would recommend to consult, if you want to get things done:

EDIT: Plus what @Steve4nLanguage said.


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+1 here on Arm and Hammer sticks. Doesn’t cause pit stains either especially if you’re wearing white tops.


Poya carries the Beckham line of deodorants. There is no finer deodorant on the market.


The fine art of understatement is ill appreciated. :disappointed:

OK, I’ll rephrase it: :point_right: I can’t use online shopping, and I won’t get into the details as to why on a public forum.

I would use it if I could, but it’s not up to me right now. Being smelly until I can use online shopping also seems like a dreadful proposition. It would be helpful if answers stick to the OP stated premises (and let’s not even mention the patronising tone, lol). Thanks. :+1: :grinning:

Most East Asians don’t sweat much and therefore don’t have much BO because of genetics, so you won’t find any “real” deodorant here. You’ll need to either buy it online or at a specialty store selling goods to foreigners.

This is your friend in Taiwan:

It was recommended to me by another member of this forum, and it changed my life. I purchased it online, but I’ve also seen it at South-East Asian general stores. They may also sell it at Costco.

(Also, if you can’t shop online, then just ask someone to do it for you. Seems like a non-issue.)


This deodorant is very real.


That’s the kind of spray-on crap they sell in Taiwan that just covers your stench, like a perfume. Not real deodorant. You’ll smell like a mixture of perfume and BO.

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Those are antiperspirant, not deodorant. Actually very fake!


I don’t know what you mean by real. How about this?

Really? My nearest Carrefour doesn’t seem to stock them, or I’m very blind. I love Carrefour because the self-service cashiers mean I don’t need to interact with employees. I do read Chinese well, but I speak only basic sentences, so those machines are the answer to my language barrier. Thanks for the info. :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll have a look at other Carrefour shops in the area. Can you name any specific Carrefour where you know for a fact they stock deodorants? Thanks.

Actually, I was mistaken. The FCUK is this:

… and the Nivea is this:

The big Carrefour on Sanmin. But the deodorants for some reason aren’t in the section marked deodorants. In summer they have adidas and that Thai brand whose name escapes me.

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The Nivea will stop you smelling. Believe me. I know the difference between going out sans underarm deodorant and with it.


A lot of empty cologne bottles and a half the 32 function Swiss army knife.

I sense sarcasm.

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