hey :slight_smile:

mich wuerde mal interessieren, wer von euch kommt aus deutschland? was macht ihr hier und wo lebt ihr?


Ich komme nicht aus Deutschland

sondern? :?

Great, not a single spelling mistake, and even the caps are right :wink:

No, this thread does not belong in the language exchange forum and is perfectly alright where it is :wink:

Ich komme aus Deutschland, geboren in Berlin, aufgewachsen in Darmstadt, Karlsruhe und Eberbach am Neckar, studiert in Germersheim und ab naechsten Herbst Wahl-Hallenserin.

Hier in Taipei lebe ich in Kungkuan und arbeite fuer eine Uebersetzungsfirma.

Wer bist du?


I did once post a similar thread, but was informed, that non-English or non-Chinese threads are not allowed at Well, I suppose this one either has not been detected yet or they have changed their policy.

Ich bin auch nicht aus Deutschland sondern aus der Schweiz und auf Jobsuche in Taipei. Wohne seit etwas mehr als einer Woche in der Naehe des 101.

ok then I will speak english to post it legally here :slight_smile:

I’m from germany and I’m working as a volunteer (freiwilliges soziales jahr) in tainan county.
and I really miss to speak german :confused:

do you all want to stay here longer?
i’ll go back in the end of july

I’d like to exchange experiences etc you made here :slight_smile:

Meine Mutter ist Oesterreicherin, aber sie wohnt seit 1938 in England. Ihr Vater war Deutscher. Ich habe fast kein Deutsch zu Hause gerlernt, nur in der Schule. Deshalb spreche ich ganz schlecht Deutsch, und das tut mir wirklick Leid.

The Descendants of Jakob Strasser (1835-1906)

A visit to Terezin

Ich komme auch nicht aus Deutschland, aber ich lebe hier jetzt.

I am from Germany, living here for approx. 12 years (with some breaks).
If you want to meet other Germans, every 1st Thursday in the month, there is the “Stammtisch” at Michael Wendel’s German bakery in Tien Mou. Last time I went there was more than a year ago, but at that time it was a good mix of people.

I wonder why the Spanish-speaking forumosans are allowed to run their own forum but - according to mesheel - other languages that don’t happen to be English or Chinese are denied that luxury? I guess a German speaker would have to volunteer to moderate the forum, are there other reasons for not allowing it, or has the policy indeed changed since, as suggested above?

On the other hand, maybe too many languages somewhat defeat the purpose of the site? Just wondering. Xpet

mesheel wrote[quote]I did once post a similar threat, but was informed, that non-English or non-Chinese threats are not allowed at Well, I suppose this one either has not been detected yet or they have changed their policy.
[/quote]ABCguy got banned for posting threats didn’t he? :wink: Be careful.

Ich studierte Deutsche in Universitat fur sechs Monat bevor gehen nach Frankreich. Sie konnen sehen, ich spreche und schreibe die Sprache nicht gut.

Verzeihen Sie mir.

Addendum for non-German speakers - 02/02/04 (my bad)

I studied German for six months in university before I went to France. As you can see, I can’t speak or write it well. Forgive me.

[quote=“mesheel”]I did once post a similar threat, but was informed, that non-English or non-Chinese threats are not allowed at Well, I suppose this one either has not been detected yet or they have changed their policy.[/quote]I have detected it :slight_smile:. Mesheel, you’ve been told about this thread/threat thing before… German threats are definately not allowed, German threads, I’m not sure about. But I will allow German comments in this thread. We do prefer English on Forumosa so everyone can join in and noone feels left out.
As for Xpet’s comments, you’re right, how can we defend having a Spanish forum when there isn’t a French forum, or a Welsh forum ? I guess we can’t. Under the new management it would have not been created (and no others will be I guess) But it’s harder to close down a forum than to start one. It’s the same as “Why can the women have their own private forum, but the gays or coffee drinkers can’t ?” Again, that was the old management. Things are a little more consistant now, none of them would have been created.

Well, that’s too bad. The Spanish forum isn’t “private” - it’s open to everyone one and interesting to anyone who can read a reasonable amount of Spanish. What is all this about “new” and “old” management. When did the coup take place?

I thought Mesheel’s threat/thread hickup was obvious, although I haven’t taken the time to search for his original post on the topic …

Thanks for your comments, Matthew, but I’m with Juba on the curiousity-front: could you explain a little about the change in management? Might this have something to do with the recent “who owns this site?”-thread I saw (but didn’t read yet) … ? Xpet.

Well, Forumosa was owned and run by Gus with help from Maoman, because of work commitments and stuff, he has passed most of the running over to Maoman.
Under Gus’ administration he was happy to make forums for anyone who wanted one, an Spanish forum, a Women’s forum, a Tolkien forum. But the first two are for different type of people, not subjects. Forums should be for subjects (Legal matters, food, relationships) not people (Lawyers, cooks, gays). I was comparing a German forum to the woman’s forum because of it exclusiveness, not it’s privateness.
And Maoman is against seperating people into their own little forums, the woman in their forum, the gays in theirs, the men in theirs… German speakers in theirs… Balkanization as Maoman calls it, noone should be excluded from a forum due to gender or whater, everyone should post in every forum. Also, look at how many threads are in the Spanish forum, just over 1 page. We’ll have a load of empty forums…
If we gave German speakers a forum because they asked for one (“because there’s a Spanish one”), do we have to make one for French speakers, Italian ? Thai ? where would it end ?
Maoman is understandably very cautious about starting new forums, it’s easy to start a new forum but hard to end one, imagine the uproar if Maoman closed down the woman’s forum.
If you wanted a German-speakers, or a gay forum, you are wasting your breath(finger muscles?) asking, it just aint gonna happen. Maoman has decided, with very convincing and logical arguments.

That is how I understand the situation, apologies to Gus or Maoman if I misquoted anyone.

:offtopic: But you did ask…


Bin auch aus Deutschland wie wohl mittlerweile allseits bekannt ist.
Nach mehr als neun Jahren im Ausland (sieben in Malaysia und zwei in Taiwan) wird mein Deutsch allerdings immer schlechter.
Wohne in Taipeh und leite die technische Abteilung einer kleinen aber feinen Kommunikationsfirma.

Ich komme auch nicht aus Deutschland, bin aber aufgewachsen in die n

[quote]Ich komme aus das Land der guten Biere, K

Yes, I have been told before and I admit to have spelled it wrong again…thread, threat…I will never forget again, I promise.
But please excuse a non-native English speaker a spelling or grammar mistakes there and then.