Dick Cheney shoots man

Cheney accidentally shoots fellow hunter
‘Harry was in the line of fire and got peppered pretty good’

Sunday, February 12, 2006; Posted: 4:25 p.m. EST (21:25 GMT)

WASHINGTON (AP) – Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot and injured a man during a weekend quail hunting trip in Texas, his spokeswoman said Sunday.

Harry Whittington, 78, was “alert and doing fine” after Cheney sprayed him with shotgun pellets on Saturday while the two were hunting at the Armstrong Ranch in south Texas, said property owner Katharine Armstrong.

Armstrong said Whittington was mostly injured on his right side, with the pellets hitting his cheek, neck and chest, and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

Whittington was in stable condition Sunday, said Yvonne Wheeler, spokeswoman for the Christus Spohn Health System.

The victim

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Fire his ass

They were hunting quail or Quayle!!??? :astonished:
:laughing: :laughing:

Wonder what degree of separation to Scooter Libby is the victim?

Seems that friendly fire incidents are becoming a real problem with Americans and guns…

Clearly Cheney shouldn’t be allowed to play with guns. Now if someone could just tell his boss who has been playing with his many guns for the last few years, folks might be a bit safer.

Dick…Whittington… :laughing:


See what happens when kids play with guns?

What a fool…
Congratulations, you Dick. :bravo:

Geeze…the guy can’t do anything right. Can’t hit the backside of a barn with a shotgun.

lol those Republican bastards

A few pellets are no big deal.

I used to go hunting with a fellow who shot his dog when it got too far away. It just used to turn around and come back within range so when the Snipe flew he was in shooting range.

Lovely dog. It was a German shorthair pointer. Pictured here after a good day of shooting.

That’s probably all it was. Whittington probably just got too far out of range for Dick’s liking and he “shot the dog” to bring him closer.

The VP most likely doesn’t realize that the Geneva Conventions on hunting still apply on U.S. soil.

[quote=“BroonAle”]Seems that friendly fire incidents are becoming a real problem with Americans and guns…

Clearly Cheney shouldn’t be allowed to play with guns. Now if someone could just tell his boss[/quote]
Cheney has a boss?

Why did the veep go on a shooting rampage in Texas? Probably because Alberto Gonzalez told him that he’s above the law too many times. Some things about this sound pretty darn fishy:

What kind of Annie Oakley wackiness is this? Man’s behind Cheney, and Cheney starts doing backwards trick shots with a shotgun? :noway: Sounds a lot like Cheney’s grasping at straws to find an excuse for attempted murder.

Here’s a more realistic guess at what happened:

Whittington: Dick, I want to get to the point here. Scooter had a message he wanted to deliver to you. It’s a bit cryptic, but he said: “Tell Dick the scowling, fat bald man with heart trouble is ‘going down’.”

Cheney: Do you have any idea what on earth that could mean?

Whittington: (warily) Dick, I’m not really sure. Scooter’s hopped up on pretty heavy medication these days to help him with his nerves. I’m just the messenger here…

Cheney: Well, I’ve got a little message to send back to Scooter. (BLAM! BLAM!) Keep the change ya filthy animal! Hahahahhahahahahahaha!

:laughing: :bravo:

Thanks for that.

Perhaps he was sick of killing by proxy?

I’d rather hunt with Dick Cheney than ride with Ted Kennedy.


Just curious, does the NRA take back the rifle if you accidently shoot someone?

Dick Cheney accepts a rifle from National Rifle Association President Kayne Robinson.

Or was it simply a case of what goes up must come down?


Nowadays they don’t need the Secret Service to protect the Vice President, they need the SS to protect people from the VP. Guess they didn’t do a good job of standing in the line of fire.

The vice-president was quoted later as saying he “saved thousands of lives” by shooting in the direction he did. If he’d shot directly behind himself the “casualties would have been far greater.”

Thank god for such clear-headed leadership under pressure.

The good news is that they bagged three illegal aliens trying to sneak into the country, one being the number two man for al Qaeda himself. Whittington, consequently, is going to be awarded a Purple Heart for being wounded while in service to his country.

Tally Ho!

Now that Dick Cheney has seen combat, I don’t think we can rightly call him a chicken-hawk anymore.

[quote=“spook”]Thank god for such clear-headed leadership under pressure.


On the contrary, Deadeye Dick has proved himself to be an idiot who shouldn’t be able to handle a gun, let alone have any position of responsibility. A smarter dumbass would have killed, not merely wounded, the lawyer. Lawsuit, meet rich moron war profiteer.

He looked like a terrorist… Shoot first and ask questions later…