Discriminatory job advertisement on forumosa

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Does Formosa allow discriminatory job ads?

I guess that as long as what they post is legal… they can post their shitty jobs. However most of the times they post jobs that are not legal or with conditions that don’t meet the legal standards… so to Hell with them.

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So, they can safely post white only ads here? Or, discrimination to nationality is ok, but race is not?

If it’s not justifiable by the work itself, nope, because that’s against the Human Rights. Although I’m not sure now if Taiwan ever signed off that…

No. I’m still not totally clear about the nationality issue. I welcome any clarification on the legal aspects of it.

I just temped a post. The last time we tried talking about this it became wildly distracted, so I’m going to keep this strictly on the narrow legal question at hand.

Yep, I agree that we should focus on the specific issue.

My :2cents:

AFAIK, there is a list of countries whose residents are considered “native speakers of English” or somesuch, and ONLY these countries citizens can legally teach ESL at a job requiring an ARC in Taiwan.

What the law says is that foreign language teachers must have entered Taiwan on a passport from a country where English is an official language (MOFA provides information about the official languages of nations on its website, and that is the benchmark.)

I’m not sure if such list exists. AFAIK if English is an official language of the passport’s country then that person can legally work as an English teacher in Taiwan.


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Is it legal that agent edit job qualification from original ones?
I think the possibility of public schools limiting applicant’s nationality is not so high.

Edit: the possibility might not be so low.


I don’t think the underlying legal issues would be any different.

Looks like the venerable @yyy has a relevant post on this from a few years back:


For my own amusement, I’ll add that Australia has no de jure official language :slight_smile:

edit: compared to 2015, it looks like the MOFA profiles have been updated. For instance, Philippines and India now have English listed under their languages, which I don’t believe was previously the case.

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I’m pretty sure it has been for the Philippines–I remember it from when I was looking into it years back.

But anyway, all this stuff is well known. The question is:

Given that people from a number of countries can legally perform a job, is it legal to specify a smaller set of desired nationalities in job offers?

Let’s keep in mind, that’s for normal work permits only.

True. AFAIK if you have open permit nobody stops you from teaching English… legally.

At buxiban or tutoring. At regular school as a regular teacher, if you have an English teacher licence by taiwanese govt.

Well, maybe. At a private company there’s no extra requirement that I’m aware of. But I’m not aware of many things, especially related to Engrish.

I think if the company is not a buxiban, they can hire a foreigner from any country as English teacher, if the person has proper qualifications. Is this wrong?

But this conversation is off topic.

You can hire somebody who has work permit OR whom you can get a permit for.