Discuss the great things about Taiwanese women

They are beautiful.
They are mostly pragmatic and easy to talk to in work situations
They are very helpful.
They are frank, open communicators and will call you out if needed
Very Sexy
If you’re good to their family they will do anything for you
Most speak 3 languages or more
They’re very competent at managing day to day things
They can let you know in very small ways that are unspoken they care about you
They cook well
They can dance
They can kind of turn their sexy on and off when they want depending how they dress in a way that makes them hotter
The bright ones are very fun and engaging socially
They are smart assy in fun way esp the gangster girls
Most are loyal and trustworthy

They can made very ordinary out of town dudes feel as if they are very special, and even get their friends to believe it as well.


I get this is a positive thread, but this one may be stretching it.


My wife is a dancer, and her teacher won dance awards all over the world. I probably should have said ‘they dance well in choreographed routines’ though. In the club, I know what you mean :slight_smile:


Yeah. “Gangster girls” here means sarcastic, sexy ladies that happen to prefer dating bad boys (at least “bad” by Taiwanese standards)… vs “gangster girls” in the USA are uneducated, hood rats that will beat the shit out of you for drug money.


Darned right. I’m ok with either!

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They are:

  • Sweet
  • Like to take care of their loved ones
  • They can be extremely sexy when they want to
  • Funny and smart
  • Determined when they want something
  • Feel pleased with small things
  • Helpful, they don’t measure effort to help


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I’ve been on many dates and lived with a Taiwanese (by marriage) girl, she was a typical stereotype Asian lady just after the money.

Taiwanese girls I’ve dated have as a rule really nice.
Outgoing, flirtatious and sexy. However most seem to keep changing what they want in life, seems to be no definition and then becomes tedious conversational.

One I’m dating at this time is fantastic, we have agreed a friends with benefits only relationship.however she has what I feel is more fantasy than reality.
She’s on Tinder for European men only in European countries, no men in Taiwan.
After a new life in Europe with a wealthy retired man and abandon her children here!
She has the opposite definition of most Taiwanese, she wants her 18-26 year old boys to become independent and stop relying on her.
I tell her a single little size lady who has only lived in Taiwan going to meet a stranger abroad in capital city is like signing a death warrant.
But no it’s her hope and she’s determined to do it, she’s been talking with guys for months in Barcelona, Paris and London.

A few more:

  1. There is a population of Taiwanese women who are really into hiking (as opposed to just saying they enjoy hiking). Although it’s difficult to compare Taiwan to the US because the US is so much bigger, I see a lot of women on the trails here.

  2. Compared to other countries in Asia where English proficiency lags a bit, women here are not afraid to learn English (or other European languages) and talk to non-Chinese speakers, even if their English isn’t perfect.

  3. My impression is that, on the whole, Taiwanese women have standards and you can often detect their conservative roots, but they’re not prudish either.


Taiwanese women can be great because well they are women.

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uhm, think this thread is about POSITIVE things about TAiwanese women. Its not the same thing as getting a POSITIVE on your Covid test ya know?

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Actually the truth is that taiwanese women are really very much like women in many other places that are westernized nations.

That said, on a personal basis I am more fond in general of taiwanese origin ladies because:

  1. similar culture to myself
  2. born and grew up in taiwan like myself
  3. many more things in common
  4. more of a natural “fit” they say opposites may attract but the more alike a couple is the longer they usually stay together.
  5. i do happen to think they can be quite pretty , sensual and sexual (not saying women elsewhere are necessarily lacking in the same in any manner).
  6. they speak mandarin (even better if they also speak taiwanese as I do and english as I do).

That can be :

  1. not true (which can be good or bad)
  2. true (which can be good or bad)

NOt to be negative or anything but maybe because im half taiwanese …that has not been my experience at all. I must meet the wrong kind of taiwanese girls. None of them have ever done jack for me (well maybe they did jack).

yeah i always say taiwanese girls may not be good dancers but they usually dont have to be.

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Hey @tommy525
I also agree with you. Taiwanese women are great. However, they have to face a lot of problems in society and day-to-day life still they are emerging as great businesswomen. They just need a bit of support from their family and society.

Taiwanese women are great. However, they have to face a lot of problems in society and day-to-day life still they are emerging as great businesswomen. As we have to push for start like that they also need support from their family and society. They have enough capacity to do something big by their own.

I’m gonna be pretty blunt here.

My wife can’t dance. Or cook. But she is beautiful, speaks 3 languages, has 2 degrees and applies herself, and does love hiking (although hates the sun). When she’s pissed off she’s the perfect psycho xiao jie so it means I don’t need to look for another one.

So I would say
and a little bit Crazy


They like men.