Discussion forum in Chinese?

This is an English forum, but I’ve always wondered why isn’t there a Chinese language discussion thread?

There’s a German Language discussion thread. Even the Learning Chinese thread is as dead as disco. I appreciate more local content in the local language.

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I have posted in this one occasionally

maybe it’s much better to discuss with plenty of native speakers in other forums?

A Chinese forum would be tough to moderate, assuming that a lot of local native speakers would come in, and this could easily snowball out of control. This is primarily an expat site. There would be no way of limiting participation to like Chinese speaking expats only.

There are just a handful of Germans here, easy to rein them in if necessary… :yum:


Iiuc, the thread is here because they want to discuss in their native language, and native German speakers in Taiwan are not so plenty.

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Well ok that makes sense.

I remember the learning Chinese thread being much more active back in the day. There is barely one post a week now. Perhaps fewer foreigners are actively learning Chinese or the demographics of the forum have changed.

Perhaps there could be sub-forums in certain forums where discussions in Chinese are permitted/encouraged? Let’s say Life in Taiwan. There could be a sub-forum “Discussing Life in Taiwan in Chinese” on a trial basis. Opening of new threads could have the requirement of mod approval to keep the number of threads in check. I would definitely not try this in the Taiwan Politics or any other topics with high controversy potential. But again, the modding could be a headache, unless the mod is someone with excellent command of Chinese.


I seem to remember there being a discussion in Chinese thread on here somewhere…

I seem to remember a thread discussing another forum which was a Chinese language forum, for those who prefer not to use English… What was the name of that forum? Starts with a ‘P’?

And ends with your name.


That has be around for eons



I think this is the thread I was thinking of. Yeah, not very active…


Yes and the early 90s BBS format gives me a headache.

But I think it would be nice to have interaction between native speakers and non-native speakers of Chinese which is not 批踢踢。 There are many things that get missed culturally if all in English.

That’s it! I remember the site just having more Chinese content in general years ago.

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How about a hybrid?

We post in Chinese, but all is in Hanyu Pinyin. Or Tong meiyou Yong…

Hao bu hao? Ke bu keyi? Hao ma? Qinaide, folumosamen?

That would keep out those pesky natives.


@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it

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I totally agree with you about the Chinese content thing.

But for the record, disco never died!