Disney to shut down 11 channels in Taiwan by end of 2023

Please don’t. I stay out of the Politics forum for a reason. If I don’t answer I’ll be seen as dodging, so … sigh… here I go. There’s two major issues. Let’s start with the meatier one. To be more specific, the “strong female lead” archetype that is without flaw or peer even when they’ve just started their hero’s journey. This is usually the part where mistakes lead to lessons learned and subsequent character development, but the modern “strong female lead” cannot be perceived as being weak so this is usually skipped over to appease those audience members and critics who might be looking for reasons to trash the film on their social media echo chambers. For example, what personal challenges or obstacles did the character Rey overcome in the Disney Star Wars trilogy?

The “strong female lead” cannot be bettered by their male peers as that would be seen as “regressive”, so the solution is to make their male companions either somewhat incompetent or majorly flawed (eg: see how they handled Luke Skywalker in ‘The Last Jedi’, or Indiana Jones in his latest adventure). The “strong female lead” criticism is not to argue against female protagonists (cinema wouldn’t be what it is without some of the all time greats such as Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor), but to argue for portrayals more nuanced and human, and not to make them seem smarter and superior to their male co-leads by making the latter seem stupid or weak by comparison. This is a big enough issue that Emily Blunt, who portrayed a great heroine in ‘Edge of Tomorrow, has come out to criticize it.

The other “woke” issue is a LOT easier to explain. Just look at Disney’s recent live-action remakes… such as ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’… sorry, I mean ‘Snow White and the Seven Diverse People Of Various Heights, Genders, and Racial Backgrounds.’

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Haha me too. In fact, I stopped reading after this sentence.

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Quite the opposite.
People are tired of being fed an agenda that doesn’t match their beliefs. This is a huge reason why Disney is taking a hit to their pocket book.

Maybe some people, but I don’t think most people care what TV/movie producers’ agendas are. They just want to be entertained.

Also, it works both ways. There are people who think “non-woke” shows are too old-fashioned and cringy, and won’t watch them.

It shouldn’t be a binary choice between ‘woke’ and ‘non-woke’ though (and if the question had to be asked about what “woke” is… then what is “non-woke”?). I think audiences just want good stories with grounded characters and not to feel they’re being talked down to or lectured… you know, how movies used to be before 2015 or so.

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The issue isn’t that these shows are “woke” it’s really that the story telling and writing is bad. If they want to tell a story that uses “woke” messaging but they did it using expert story telling and tight writing, few would really complain.

The issue with modern tv and movies from big budget films today is with the writing and or directing.

I don’t 100% agree, but if you’re making the above argument I guess BARBIE’s success could be a good example of that.

Which is why no one really cares about the ongoing Writer’s Strike… unlike in 2007-2008 when it seemed like everyone cared!

I’m not 100% convinced it’s all the writers fault either though. I suspect the worst decisions come from higher up the chain. Otherwise they wouldn’t keep pushing out the same mistakes, the sam thin plots, the sane 1 dimensional characters.

Probably a mix of boardroom decisions and bad writing. I hear certain writer’s rooms are filled with mediocre talent hired just because they have connections or fill quotas, like the writers for ‘The Witcher’ openly mocking the source material it’s based on.

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It’s when you can’t write a story without constantly second guessing who might get offended, so you kinda just write a pile of crap that pleases nobody while offending pretty much everyone.

Life imitates art these days.

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well now we’re getting into stuff about wokeness… quite off topic. to get somewhat back on topic, I thought that the Han Solo movie was rather underrated, I was very entertained by it. I wasn’t really watching it to catch any “wokeness” but I guess some might argue that Han Solo as a male lead was being made out to look incompetent. However, he was young in the movie, so of course he’s going to do some stupid stuff.

the stuff with Lando being in love with a droid was kinda weird, but I more so got the impression of them poking fun at wokeness with that stuff rather than trying to propagate it.

the latest Star Wars series is Ashoka, and it seems pretty woke in that it feels like almost the entire cast is female and they’re all “strong.” only two episodes now, there is a story that is potentially interesting. I’m still willing to give these shows a chance. I remember being a bit reluctant to watch Andor after Boba Fett, and boy, my expectations were blown away.

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What the fuck is TV?

The idiot box

The thing you eat TV dinners in front off, while watching moving pictures. Pre-woke era.

Disney Plus upped their subscription again this month, so I want to switch to the Disney Plus Basic Package (with Ads). I subscribed to Disney Plus via Google Play, so I cannot simply change the subscription in my Account page on Disney Plus.


When I visit the subscriptions section in my Google Play account, the only choice I have is to cancel my Disney Plus subscription (i.e., I cannot seem to be able to select a different package). When I clicked cancel to see how this would work, I read that my current subscription would continue as-is until the renewal date next month and then my access would end.


So, my question now is should I try to subscribe to Disney Plus Basic (with Ads) now or wait until after my current subscription runs out? Has anyone tried this yet? I originally subscribed to Disney Plus before it launched in Taiwan - when I turn on my VPN and connect to a US node, I get the US library; when I switch it off, I get the Taiwan library. Can I expect this to be the case if I subscribe to Basic with Ads with my Taiwan credit card?

My Google searches about switching to the No Ads package only resulted in results that talked about how to switch in Disney Plus without Third Party payments (i.e. Google Play)

Because everything sucks, I went pay per view. although I spend slightly.more money, but I wadte vastly.less time on truly retarded “content”. ie. discovery channel now.

internet, tv died well over a decade ago in my.opinion.

the physical device.

I like the old Snow White