For the same price, or does this require an upgrade in service?

included, no upgrade

Very interesting, and a great deal for those who sign up.

I can’t imagine it will last for long, though, and I wonder how Disney will phase it out.

yeah it’s not letting me subscribe from the app on my Xbox…is there no way around this?

Just an FYI, it works with a Roku and US credit card tied to a Roku account. I do have a DNS mask (Unlocator) on my router, so not sure if that’s needed as well but I doubt it as I think using Roku US account is good enough. That’s probably why Amazon works as well.

Hulu and ESPN don’t work unless you spoof your location at the device and use a DNS mask (VPN doesn’t work for Hulu, or the one I use doesn’t).

Other services that do work with this type of setup are Youtube TV (need to verify location every couple weeks on a mobile device/laptop either physically or through location spoofing), Prime, and Sling TV.

Stating it is working for you but you are using a US credit card doesn’t help. That is the whole point of this thread. Disney+ doesn’t let you sign up without a US credit card. Trying to find ways around that.

So far people say…

  1. Fire Stick with an Amazon account works.

  2. An iTunes US account with a prepaid balance reportedly works.

  3. A prepaid virtual credit card from the US might work but no reports yet of success.

  4. Using a credit card number generator service that replaces your credit card number with a one time throw away US number reportedly works, but you need a US phone number that can receive instant messages. You can buy a temp US phone number and have the instant messages forwarded to your Taiwan number, but it costs about $15 USD to do it.

All of these methods require a paid VPN like ExpressVPN.

I’m going to try the virtual credit card method later tonight.

You might want to test that before giving up Unlocator (if you ever wanted to, that is). I have a US credit card linked to both my AppleTV device and my Amazon Prime account. I can rent/buy/watch/listen content on iTunes until the cows come home. But I can only watch a small selection of Amazon Prime videos in Taiwan.

If you are able to watch unlimited US Prime content then it’s probably not down to your US credit card. It’s probably your Unlocator service that’s somehow successfully spoofing Amazon. Which is not easy ime.

I can watch everything on Prime Video and stream Prime music on any device without a VPN or any DNS tricks in Taiwan.

You’re fortunate, then. I cannot.

How do you do this? I just have a VPN currently.

I don’t intend to… just my theory that it might still work without it in this case. Not really sure though.

I use Unlocator (DNS masking service) on all my devices…this can replace the VPN for internet location but not security. It can also help with some services that won’t let you have access upon detecting a VPN.

For physical location spoofing on my mobile I use an app called “fake GPS” (Android). I don’t know of one for PC, sorry. I don’t use Hulu because I could only get it to work on my mobile.

I access ESPN via YoutubeTV, Sling and those provide access to Watch ESPN. I haven’t been compelled to try ESPN+.

Do I need to have both the DNS masking and the GPS spoofing? I’m trying to figure out how many friggin’ subscriptions I need just for the honor of paying for another subscription.

After hours of trying…I am throwing in the towel.

Nothing worked.

VPN + Taiwan Payment = Failed
VPN + VCC = Failed
VPN + Taiwan PayPal = Failed
VPN + US PayPal = Failed
VPN + CC Mask with US Address = Failed

I guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait a year for Disney+ to come to Taiwan. I just hope we get the FULL library.

My VPN account with Express VPN and Taiwan CC do allow me into US NetFlix, US Prime Video and other streaming services without a problem.

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Yeah, it’s annoying. From what I can tell, the answer is yes. If anyone else has gotten Hulu to work without a location ping please let us know.

Unlocator is pretty cheap…the fake GPS app is something like 5 bucks.

Try the free trial of Unlocator and see if it works.

I just used it to watch Rick and Morty.

I’m in!

Here is how I did it.

  1. Add funds to my Taiwan PayPal
  2. Open a new US PayPal account using ExpressVPN.
  3. Transfer funds from Taiwan PayPal to new US PayPal
  4. Accept funds from myself.
  5. Add Taiwan credit card to US PayPal.
  6. Logout of PayPal.
  7. Access Disney+ through ExpressVPN and login.
  8. Sign up via PayPal option. Pick to use PayPal funds and NOT credit card.
    I’m in.

That seams like a lot of messing around just to watch Dumbo :wink:

To each their own.
But I am seriously impressed by Disney+ content. Their library is crammed full of stuff that brings back so many childhood memories. Netflix, Amazon, etc all are missing older content. Disney fills this gap. Plus, I get to share my childhood with my kids. Win win.

NordVPN seems to work well with Disney+ and Hulu…you just have to go to the list of servers which work with each service…though it seems they all work for Disney+ right now. No need for DNS masking or GPS spoofing. Still working on ESPN+, though.