Divorce and Visa consequences - Enjoy the happy moments in life


My case seems rather special I think (maybe not haha).

I am 23 years old and from Germany, I graduated from a private art academy with a diploma (no bachelor) in graphics design.

I have recommendation letters from my academy in Germany and my former employer in Germany.

I came to Taiwan ca. 2 years ago with a working holiday visa, I just like the country and worked many part-time jobs, then I married my Taiwanese girlfriend. We agreed on spending life together.
Marrying was not only for the visa, It was out of love and the Visa was a nice plus that enabled me to work here and to stay with her.

I have a full-time job in a big company as a technical support engineer that I love, I also plan to invest, bought a scooter, and will do my driver’s license test in the coming weeks. All that is possible with the ARC for foreign spouses I got when we married.

Now she suddenly wants the divorce (cheated and has another boyfriend, flipped her personality 180°) and you can imagine what that does, It not only means that I will lose her, the biggest love in my life, it also means that I lose the wonderful life I built. I lose my job, my current house, my ability to work, my friends, etc when I need to go back.

What options do I have in order to stay here and keep the life I built?

My employer says that my private art academy in Germany is not on the list of Universities, so it is not really possible to get a valid working permit that way.

The most important thing is that I am a good, successful, caring citizen in this society. I work hard, learn the language and that will be all over because my wife decides to leave me. There must be a way to give me a chance or prove myself worthy.

I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you so much!


Don’t sign the divorce papers. Tell her you will sign when you will get your APRC in a few years! She won’t be able to force a divorce through courts before you can get it (abandonment). The courts will tell you to mediate and you just drag your feet.

But be safe. She might go full retard and accuse you of bogus crimes, abuse or even rape.
Just make sure you are not alone with her at all times. Record a video of encounters, don’t get into fights and you will be fine.

Or at least drag it out until you find a different path to residency.


What I thought of are

  1. enroll to a taiwanese univ. and get a degree
  2. another marriage

So your 2 years of work experience with your employer counts for nothing? Can’t that experience be used in lieu of education credentials?

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You hold all the cards here. You can tell her she can have her divorce when you’re good and ready, ie., when you’ve secured your APRC.

In the meantime: you might want to speak to a lawyer. Or at least document everything.


Yea, don’t sign.

If the house is under his name, she can move in with her boyfriend. Otherwise, find a new place to live.


Does your salary enable you to apply for the gold card?

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Don’t do this literally and especially not publicly. Could get sued.


Life is way too short to be dragging out a bad marriage and risking the type of craziness others here have reported (false allegations of abuse, etc.).

@Crypton334 talk to a lawyer and see what your options are. But think twice about wasting your 20s maintaining a connection to a no-good woman, for any reason.

You said you “like” Taiwan. But think about whether you really “like” it enough to throw away prime years trying to maintain residency.


I agree.

If you drag this till you get your APRC, you should collect good enough proves to make the divorce done smoothly, in case you would now want it but she would not cooperate.

It should be valid experience for applying for a work permit, but if a university degree is also required, it won’t help with that.

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Wait, hold on a second. If she cheated on you, do you have proof? Have you talked to a lawyer about your options to sue the guy in court for wrecking your marriage?

And is the guy a local or another foreigner? Best to find out what his connections are before trying anything.


Sueing might work out for you! As the others allready wrote: Document everything. Get a lawyer asap and discuss your options!

Exactly what i did. I told her that it has 0 impact on her daily life. I can even move out and disappear from her life but we can just wait with making it official. She really wanted to force me one evening. She said “you sign it now and we bring it to the office in a year”.

I won’t sign anything and don’t see her problem, it literally won’t change anything in her life.


Yeah i thought about going to evening classes after work to get a bachelor

Oh, I can certainly ask our HR department. Thanks!

We both live with her father in his house, but she moved out yesterday. I will move out to my own place soon

Get a lot of bonuses but the base salary is slightly under the requirements

He might be better off getting citizenship. He already has 2 years in, only one more year to go.

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it is usually degree + 2 year experience. If not degree, you need 5 year experience.

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