Hi, I have been married to a Taiwanese lady for almost 3 years,
but unfortunately over the last 18 months things have just gone from bad to totally shit.
we quarrel every single day and mostly about nothing.
this has gotten so bad that I dont want to go home after work and have finally reached my limit. Every time we fight she will threaten me with divorce and have my ARC cancelled so that I have to leave, so a few weeks ago, I had my ARC changed to a work ARC so that she cant have this leverage to “have her way”,
A few days ago, I wasn’t feeling well so went home from work, she was there and we had another fight before she went to work.
I decided i couldn’t take any more and packed my own personal belongings and left to go stay at my company dormitory.
She is now trying to force me to move back home, If I dont she ays she will call the police and tell them I robbed her house.
Is there anything I can do?
can she do this?
I really don’t know where I stand right now.
I have evidence of the arguments, as the police were called one night as she was so crazy someone thought I was going to get hurt.
any actual help or genuine advice would be very helpful.

Now that you have a work permit… you can just leave her. File for divorce and be done with it.

Also, be careful to make sure that the things are yours and that you document your every move. Use google location services as that will show where you have been and will help in any type of story she makes up.

Don’t bother “salvaging” the relationship… we have all been there… and it’s the same thing. Just get out

Thanks Comfy123, It’s just really stressing me out at the moment. and when she starts all this about calling the police, or sueing me, it makes me worry.

It’s all huff and puff. You already took her power away. Now it’s time to move on and divorce her. (Also if you find she has cheated… it will make the process much easier)


she hasn’t cheated, I know that much, she’s too proud of herself to do that.

In that case… make sure you haven’t. She can sue you for civil charges still.

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Save every text and record every conversation. I think that’s legal in Taiwan. If not, someone will correct me soon enough.


I told her I want the divorce, after telling me a million times that’s what she wants I will give it her, but now she is saying she wants to try make it work, that she will change, but I don’t want to, I have really reached my limit.
As a long time sufferer of depression this has pushed me back into a hole that it took me several years to climb out of.
she has basically said she will give me a week to have my “fun” then I have to go back home, no matter how many times I try to explain to her that I didn’t leave for fun. And the fact that I have zero money for the next few days isn’t exactly fun, she offered me money and I refused, as I know she will use this as leverage an guilt tripping.

I am not making any illegal suggestions or anything. But I do know of someone who divorced her husband really quickly by going to a doctor and getting a diagnosis for being a lesbian… Then she used that to file for divorce saying it’s affecting her mental health or some BS…

Not suggesting you do that… but isn’t that a funny story?


If Taiwan is like any other country, then she can’t just call the police and press criminal charges against you for “robbing” her. That is usually done when the robber is a stranger, and there is risk of immediate loss of property that can’t be recovered because you don’t know the robber.

In cases of stealing among family members, friends and roommates, she would have to file a civil lawsuit against you and take you to court.

Having said that, of course you shouldn’t take anything with you that doesn’t belong to you — even if it’s joint ownership — because you’d be denying her right to partial access to the property.


Sexuality can be diagnosed?


that’s nuts, I didn’t think you could medically diagnose sexuality :joy:

Sorry to hear about your plight man. I am confident that there will be a positive outcome. :beers:

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Well it can. Just as gender in Canada can be…

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If you have or can get any records of her threatening to call the police on you falsely, either keep them carefully or if it was verbal, record all calls from her to have this proof.
I’m sure the police won’t appreciate what she is doing, as it’s a form of harassment.

I have messages with her saying this.
I also have messages of me apologising for leaving, but that I cant take it anymore and want the divorce, followed by her kicking off and threatening me with the the police etc.


very toxic, run away as far as possible once all the things still attaching your name to her are gone.

sorry to hear this mate, seems a nightmare indeed, take care!

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Good. Keep those messages. That’s blackmail.


Not blackmail, it’s material to defend yourself. There is no malicious intent to use those to defend urself

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