Divorcing naturalized citizen "without household registration" from a Taiwanese citizen

Dear All,

I called NIA, household registration dept, and some other departments, and all gave me different answers… so I am here in a hope you can give me answers based on your your experience.
I am married to a Taiwanese, applied for citizenship and approved (without giving up my original citizenship due to hardship reasons). I have the certificate of naturalization, and the type of ARC that shows that I am waiting for the citizenship (Obtain Nationality AF372 (獲得國籍 AF372).
I am now in the EU for work (entered with my Taiwanese travel document that doesn’t have ID number, for sure) with my Taiwanese wife and kid. She has been asking for a divorce for like 2 years, and I now can’t tolerate this situation and don’t mind the divorce.

My questions are
1- Will the divorce negate my status as national without household registration? Household dept. (where I registered my marriage) said they don’t know, NIA said that will reply on child custody, other departments said no that won’t affect my NWOHR (I gave them my ARC number and full information when I asked them)

2- Will it be different if we divorce in the EU or Taiwan

FYI, my ARC is valid through Jan. 2024, and I would like to go back to renew it and travel back to the EU…

thank you very much

Nope. I did same naturalized got divorced before had HHR and ID card.

You are already a Taiwan national this will not change. Just takes longer to get ID card and HHR as you left Taiwan for travel. You can divorce abroad and register that here but you need to also do a custody agreement. Other issues like translation of document and notarization need to be considered. If mutual divorce and agreed terms you can do it in Taiwan.

Divorce will not affect your NWOHR or Tarc. TARC can be renewed.


thank you so much for this input… appreciate it…

another Q. plz
you were registered in her household when married.
after divorce, what happened to your household registration ? did u need to have certain type of household registration after divorce?

No he wasn’t. Read below:

You cannot be registered in any household if you’re not a Taiwanese citizen.

Only full Taiwanese citizens have household registration. If a Taiwanese person gets divorced and moves to a new house, then their household registration will simply be updated with the address of the new house, and become separated from the old household. That’s it.

Household registration is just a database recording every Taiwanese citizen’s address. That’s all.

Pretty sure Sat TV meant he got divorced before he got his own HHR. I believe he was on his ex-wife’s HHR when married to her.

After I got divorced from my ex, I was removed from her HHR immediately and did not have any HHR of my own (I was on an APRC at that time). After that, I applied for naturalization and got my own HHR and ID after living in TW for a year on my TARC. I was also the same status as you → AF372


That doesn’t make sense. You cannot be registered in any household if you’re not a full Taiwanese citizen.

Foreigners and NWOHR are not even part of the HHR system, even if they are married to a Taiwanese.

I was on my Ex-Taiwanese wife’s HHR when married to her and I was a foreigner at that time. How do you think Foreign spouses of Taiwanese Citizens are always eligible to receive Govt. Handouts? Because they’re in the system!!! (E.g: The “消費眷” which was given out to all Citizens during the 馬英九 administration…APRC holders did not get it but all Taiwanese foreign spouses did)


What he means is, he was listed as a spouse on his wife’s HHR. I am also on my wife’s HHR despite not having naturalized yet. It doesn’t mean he had HHR himself, he was just listed under the spouse field.


I seriously doubt it.

Because the government has a record of your marriage certificate. They know you and your ex-wife were married. There was probably a note in her entry of her household registration saying she was married to a foreigner whose name and ARC number matches yours, but that doesn’t mean you had your own entry registered in her household.

You need to have a household registration record to be officially registered into anyone’s household (whether that be your own household or someone else’s), and to have that, you need to be a Taiwanese citizen.

he is correct

This is the record of the marriage, you are also counted as a person within the household like children etc, this opens you up to other things like the government handouts, the random lottery ticket for household members, also the compensation for factory pollution for people registered in that area (the people who are registered but don’t live there also get it, but the people who live there and are registered somewhere else don’t).


Doubt all you want…but my name was on her HHR…it doesn’t matter if I was listed/registered as her spouse or was just a small tiny note which one needs a magnifying glass to look but I was on the HHR despite NOT being a Taiwanese. Just before we got divorced, we called the Nankang HHR & asked what docs should we bring and they said “Bring your HHR so we can remove his name from your HHR”


Same situation here, and should be the same for all foreigners married to Taiwanese with HHR who have registered their marriage in Taiwan.


Ok then it’s just semantics. My Taiwanese mother’s ID card has my foreign father’s name printed on it under “spouse”, but I wouldn’t go as far as telling people that my foreign father has a Taiwanese ID registered under my mother’s ID card. :joy:

So, @mazengsa now that I know what you meant, back to your question:

No. TARC holders/NWOHR do not need to be registered in any household. That requirement is only for Taiwan citizens.

After divorce, you will just need to update your TARC with your new address if you move, and your ex will remove your name from her household.

If you don’t move, then your name may remain in your ex’s household if she wants. You will just be listed as a “foreign roommate” instead of “foreign spouse” on her household registration.

Not true

Foreign visitors/roommates may be listed on your household registration. My American aunt was listed as a visitor in her Taiwanese MIL’s household registration when she was living with her, but it’s not required.

EDIT: Actually, come to think of it, my aunt has dual citizenship so maybe she registered as a Taiwanese.

It’s true. I’m not a Taiwanese citizen and I’m on my wife’s family’s household registration as her spouse. I watched them update it right in front of me and saw the updated version.


I think this is the most likely explanation.

did u give up ur original citizenship ?

Yes I renounced Australian citizenship.