DIY bike build in Taiwan

I bought my Di2 in the U.K. and bought it to Taiwan with me.
The 11 speed version.
I decided to setup off bike and update firmware make sure all is good before I fit? Lots of differing ways to connect they all work!
My kit came EW-RS910 bar end junction and the not recommended as to expensive Y-split cable EW-JC130 I found a benefit, cost I don’t know came with kit.
Firmware update, no MAC software so I borrowed a windows machine, can’t be bothered with virtual drive for 1 piece of software.
Shimano E-Tube Project 5

Message I get after installing and connected to pc.
SM-BCR2 firmware is old cannot connect.
After much searching I found v3.4.5 installed this and works.
Updated no problem, couldn’t run test as I supposedly have wrong connector??

Not happy is Shimano trying to make us buy later 12 speed setup?

Can’t see fitting being a problem, frame will be stripped out of components? I use
3T Aerotundo Team Bars
The cables run internally,
The reach on these 113mm reason I have short stem.
Can’t say when I will fit as I’m going to respray frame new rims and hubs also, I’ll be asking recommendations for them.


If I read all that, I will be gladly stay with my mechanical drivetrains … :smile:

And after finishing up my latest built, I have a box full of left over parts from all previous bike projects (MTB & Road), for which I am too lazy to make pictures and post for sale yet (stems, bars, drive trains, wheels, etc).
Might have some parts you are after, depending sizing, branding, etc. you require.

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I’d be happy with a paint job as good as yours.
How many aerosol 400-500ml did you use for primary colour?

The old paint was in reasonable shape, so I just sanded it down as a base layer, removing the old decals while sanding, and repairing the scratches and small damage, filling them, then smoothening them in the process.

As mentioned in the other thread, I had problems finding suitable paint, and ended up with these guys:
Their spray bottles are rather small, and lack any indication of volume, but if I remember well, each can contains 100-120gr of paint.

I used 1 can for the initial smoothening, then 2 cans for the first round (after which I waited a week, then lightly sanded), then an other 2 cans for the final paint. total I bought 7 cans, as I wanted to have 1 on stand-by.
I guess their clear coat (they have flat and shiny) requires an other 2 cans.

After painting, and 2 days drying, I had the bike baking in the sun on the roof top for a whole day, and the paint seems to be reasonably hard after that, better than expected.

Oh yahh, I bought the first can in a car accessory shop (AutoBacs), as they have the color cards of the assortment.
I bought the remaining cans on line, once I knew what I wanted.

Ok cool
I’m after a specialist colour 1988 Citroën colour However! I see a Audi in Taipei yesterday in what looked like same or similar colour.
I’m guessing was special painting tho going to look up Audi paint list.

Being a lifelong mountain biker I really dislike road bike lever shifting, my front derailleur one is faulty some times I can’t shift back up.
To replace a Ultegra brake shifter is to expensive.
I’m hoping electronic simple shifts will alter my negative thinking.

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To get on with project I need the tools ! Good ones, whereabouts in Taipei can I get them?

I was going to ship my tools with my Santa Cruz that was stolen in U.K. so they never came to mind - I’m still really pissed about the theft.

I like this store for the general tools. King Tony is a local brand that I think have decent quality.

I usually buy Icetoolz for the specialized bike tools. They usually have a good price/quality ratio, at least for someone like me who do not have to work on many bikes. You can also buy Park Tool in Taiwan.

I agree with @Membrillo on Icetoolz for the bike specific tools, the quality is more than good.

If it is your Aster of which you just want to take the components off before painting, there is not too much you will need.
A set of general Allen keys, a chain link grip, or maybe a chain cutter, a cable housing cutter, and a BB tool.

I bought all my bike specific tools from these guys, the son of the owner speaks English, and if you are friendly to him, he just charges you their internet pricing. Highly recommended!

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Are you building an electric/battery powered bike ?

@Membrillo Yes great, just the type of place I want.
@ericinformosa Just been looking at icetoolz online they seem impressive.
Yeah I don’t need much I’ll possibly do more bike work in the future, buy as I need now I know where to go.

Electronic Shimano Di2 gear setup.
EW-JC130 Is a split Y cable.

I’ll put my vote in for IceToolz. I have a cassette remover from them and it gets the job done. Pricimg on them weren’t ridiculous either.

You really want to use 2K urethane for anything that’s going to be outside for any length of time. The spray can stuff is not that. You will need a spray gun however. You also need a proper etching primer because otherwise paint don’t stick to metal all that well.

Another thing is, if you want your customized bike to look nice KEEP IT INSIDE, because it will be gone otherwise.

If you really need a tool just one time, let me know.
I don’t mind to lend it, as long as I am sure its returned (& undamaged :sweat_smile:)

Yes 2pac paint, frame is carbon.
I’ll remove the glaze prime, wet’n’dry re prime cutting compound before primary colour, then high gloss top coat.
I’ve done cars before successfully and one mountain bike I used bright orange graffiti paint for the bike.

Thanks to @ranlee for this link.

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Can you get 2K color coats? When I asked about this at paint shops they just gave me nitro/acrylic lacquer color coats. I’m not sure how they work together with 2K clear. 2K clear isn’t hard to get, but they don’t seem to think nitro color coat and 2K clear is a problem… I’m more concerned about the paint peeling off years down the line…

For tools, use ICEtoolz. It will be easiest to install this groupset using internal cable routing tools with magnets, and also have the BB and forks removed to run the cables. If you need help, I can offer some more tips.

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Eh, not really that accessible here in Taiwan. I used to have a spray booth in my shop.