Do posters on forumosa represent (US) expats on Taiwan?

I hope the mods do not remove this post, but I am just asking out of curiosity.

There seems to be on forumosa a very strong pro-trump/right wing conspiracy/lock her up following, but I never met any of these people. These views do not seem to be prevalent outside of tw(or is it just forumosa?) either.

Are there more pro-trump/right wing conspiracy/lock her up people in taiwan than rest of Asia(my past is 8 years in hk, never met any of these people there), or what’s going on here ? Or is there some reason all these right wing people come to tw, instad of for example hk where I never met any?


It’s hard to say, really. I only know a couple of pro-Trump expats here irl. I imagine generational differences also come into play.

Diddnt you see my forumosa political standing thread?
90% of people on here are bleeding heart liberals.

DRUMPPPTHH supporters are a small minority. I think people love a good shitpost and hate (can’t believe I’m typing this) “pc culture”, but that being said everyone on this website seems to be of good character and a decent person. I definitely don’t think forumosa is a right wing conspiracy website. IMO the mods here are a little too left leaning, not the other way around (not that there’s anything wrong with that mods) :grinning:

Also there’s a lot more right wing expats in HK then you think, but you’ll never be able to tell and they will never express their views publicly.


Surely you meant to write that “90% of people who took a test and reported the results on my thread are bleeding heart liberals.”

Because I’m not sure you can make any conclusions about who’s what based on your thread. Just saying.


Yes yes yes.

I understand that, but if you seriously think that Taiwan and have more right winger foreigners compared to liberals, idk what to tell yuh. We don’t need a poll to see that in our day to day life here.

Also most of the heavy posters and mods took that test. To rephrase that, most people who actually post here are liberals.

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10% trumpsters sound like a very high number to me considering his approval in the western world is probably that, and most of them are not expats

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This liberal mutes all of IP and any thread that veers too much into politics (so likely this one soon too). I’m probably not the only one.

So no, the politics here is probably not representative.

It seems surprisingly low IMO
Considering most foreigners here are white males


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The stat seems to be from us, or is it the west ?

It’s the US but it could be taken as an accurate depiction of how people feel in all of the western world. Also thought we were talking about US expats?

IMO of course.

I know zero pro-Trump expats, but surprisingly I know a few pro-Trump Taiwanese. :man_shrugging:

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Trump supporters overseas are like conservatives in Hollywood. They are surrounded by liberal expats, so, they just keep their clap shut or heads down in public and laugh internally at how Dems are shooting themselves in the foot everywhere.

and make fun of them in chat forums.

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So, most expats are not dems or reps

Most expats are in fact not even from the us

are most expats in tw from the us ?

I doubt stats from us concerning trump represent the rest of west

On phone so can’t find any source now

of course not, most are from SEA.

I feel like more expats are left leaning.

in my opinion it’s a very liberal and extremely politically correct site that is not representative of foreigners in Taiwan. However, it has some useful information on it for living in Taiwan just don’t get into the moderator imposed “safe spaces” as they seem very trigger happy with suspension button. A pity as the site has potential but they ban lots of non liberal posters.

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A lot of pro-Trump and conservative people are very active here. Doesn’t seem like anyone has gotten banned, and I mean, there are entire threads based on being hateful, like that thread about Islam.


That’s fake news.

Have you checked the political threads here? I’d say it’s 70-30 conservative viewpoints.

They ban crappy posters who can’t control themselves. If that overlaps with them being conservative, then okay. But they ban for behaviorial reasons, not political ones. @Mick is a mod here and also pretty conservative. I’m sure he’d say more or less the same thing.


Yeah this place definitely leans right when you go by a post-by-post basis, probably because the more liberal users just say forget it and let them talk amongst themselves.