Do posters on forumosa represent (us) expats on Taiwan?


100% subjective and totally debatable.


Pretty much, yep.


By no means do I feel trump is the greatest president and stand by and agree with everything he is doing with resounding applause without thinking. But he’s actually done a lot of things that made me change my mind. As much as I think he’s a bit petty and childish somethings. I just really care about what he is doing.

The economy is booming, maybe not as exaggerated as he would like to put it.

He has strong illegal immigration policies, although I find building a wall to be stupid. But the amount of illegal immigration happening is not sustainable and unfair to legal immigrants and Americans.

He’s the first president that has actually been tough on China in trade deficits, currency manipulation, etc. Every candidate echoed how they will be tough on China but turn around and sucked up to China right after.

And probably more important for me, his administration has been great to Taiwan. Under Obama it US Taiwan relations were suffering. His military advisers had to consistently push Obama to sell weapons packages. And I think one of the last thing Obama did was block the sale of a senate approved billion dollar weapons package to Taiwan.


Politics and political leanings aside, it seems laughable to group someone born in 1979 and 1995 together. So, that graph honestly doesn’t really bear credibility to be honest.

PS. And also some of the “generation” are 20 years long and some 14?? What the what? IMHO if we’re gonna do a 20 year span (which seems to be the current consensus for a good time frame), then 1990-2010 seems decidedly a more fitting group for a generation, as technology would support (modern cell phones, popular music, etc), which would slide the previous group to 1969-1989 and the one before that to 1948-1968, then 1927-1947.



Yeah idk dude, i don’t give a care about the graph, that wasn’t my point. I just posted some random image I found. I’m just talking about the zoomer thing.

But I do think millennials are 1980-1995 or something like that, so the graph isn’t that far off.

Do you like this one better?

Or maybe this one?

Post one that you enjoy.


So, like, really?

Just leaving the politics aside of it, but, the guy is rude(e.g. the way he pushes other heads of state aside), uneducated(e.g. unaware what the nuclear triad is) and boorish(paying porn stars hush money, grabbing women by the pussy)

So, just leave the politics aside, are you telling me this guy to you reminds you of the average American in the way he behaves and talks?


Orange Man Bad.

Orange Man Hitler.

(hope you’re not #literallyshaking) :wink:


They don’t like him for preventing the flow of slave labor. Particularly agricultural corporations. Made in America is back which only hurts the socialist countries that you support as you are a self admitted socialist


The President is not uneducated , no.fake news please


Would you care to provide some examples, I mentioned the lack of knowledge of the nuclear triad and I can provide many more if needed.

Could you please point out to some public instances where he comes off very knowledgable about something that is directly related to his current employment status.


Like I said, google for that article and see if you can read whole thing.
To answer your question, from the article:

“He never learned to be embarrassed that he is male, with male proclivities.” [READ that three times, to make sure you understand its true meaning.]

“Sometimes he has treated women disgracefully, for which Americans, left AND right, are ashamed of him — as they are of JFK and Bill Clinton.”

“Obviously you can hate some of his major characteristics - the infantile lack of self-control on his Twitter babble, his hitting back like a spiteful child bully - without hating the average American, who has no such tendencies.”

The last line answers your last question.



Unironically yes. I take it you’re not American?


So, no I am not. But I have many family members(from my wifes side who are US citizens) and they are nothing like the guy we are talking about.


Where do they live?
California or NY doesn’t count.


They live in California and New York.


I knew it!
Hahaha yeah, that’s why.

It’s like saying the views of a few people in Taipei represent all people in Taiwan.




i believe you and your US citizen family members are like that. But that is just your own environment.
Ask them next time if they own any guns, or lacking that, if they know anyone who owns two or more guns. That’s a truer dividing line.


you said he wasn’t educated he is educated. So.dont fake news. Perhaps you mean in which subjects is he knowledgeable in?


Sure, so which subjects are he knowledgable in that are relevant to his current job ? Please provide some link or article to it


I mean… I guess the Feinstein one is slightly better… It’s easier to define older generations because the dust has already settled.

However, Howe described the dividing line between millennials and the following Generation Z as “tentative”, saying “you can’t be sure where history will someday draw a cohort dividing line until a generation fully comes of age”.

I think when we look back a few decades from now there will be a very definite line between those born in the 80s and the 90s, since technology advancement (especially the internet) had so rapidly accelerated during those years. Also, those born in 1980 growing up idolizing Zuck-- who was born in 1984-- doesn’t make much sense. If you were a minor when FB was active – now that’s a more compelling argument.

I’ve heard a proposal on social media that incidentally I agree with more – the Berlin Wall line, where the divide begins upon the fall of the wall in 1989. Or, if it tickles your fancy, Millennial Generation = The Simpsons Generation, where the deciding factor is basically whether or not you were born into a world where the Simpsons had existed and aired or not.

I would love to post a infographic. But at this point I’m also getting lazy. So, perhaps I’m disappointing you; but maybe another day. :grimacing: