Do we not pay our equal share?


I went to the bar to check their prices. I think each drink is 300/350 there and the table bought bottles.


This means that Diane isn’t single.

Live and learn, grasshopper.


About 20 years ago I went to Roxy Vibe and at I think 8 or 10 AM they kick everyone out. Then I was very partying. I did not want sleep. So I ask the guys outside where we can continue and they say to me we can go to their friends house, he has a special house party. So we go there in the hills somewhere. Everybody is sleeping but because we come there they wake up and bring out a bottle of cheap whiskey and a bag of drugs. Its ketamine and I dont like that so the other guys take it and I drink whisky. Everybody was very nice excepting the guys on ketamine who were looking like they were dying. So when they stop vomiting we say its time to go. Then the boss of the house start screaming. Because we must pay. I don’t understand because Im new in Taiwan and he speaks Chinese or Taiwanese. But he looks like a gangster. He takes 500 dollars from the other guys and tells me I must pay 4000 for the bottle of whiskey because he played me music and had disco lights in his living room. It was scary. I payed him because I was sick and wanted to go home.
Be careful.


Yeah, but you have no clue what the girls and other guys ordered. So it’s hard to justify just how much they drank without seeing the bill.


Sounds like you just paid someone else’s bar tab, and girls he’s trying to hook up with. I’m no expert in Taiwanese etiquette by any means, but, typically when I’m out with locals it goes one of two ways. Either one guy covers the entire bill, or if it’s previously agreed they’ll split, then it’s an even split between everyone and guys will opt to pay for their girls.

That’s why I don’t go out clubbing here either. Been stiffed a couple times before, I’d rather just pay for myself. There’s many locals that think being white means you have deep pockets. Obviously not all, but I’m saying that because I’ve been told it before.

Also. If she’s been going out drinking with this fellow for “4+ years,” never paid a penny, and he still takes her out, you can expect his willy has been in there before.


Same here.

Regardless of any issues about who is or was hooking up with whom, it’s amazingly rude to expect someone he’d never met (ie., OP + friend) to foot the bill for his guests.

OP, $300 for drinks is mad. $55 at 7-11 for a bottle of Taiwan Beer, the good stuff, not the green label. So here’s what you do: next time Diane suggests a night out, just go for the direct approach.

You: Sure. How about we go to a motel for beer and sex?
Her: @*@
You: What? You don’t like beer?

Pure class. Can’t fail. NT$2000 tops, and that’s for three hours and a room with the hot tub thingy.


Be creative. Hot springs!


Yes it’s standard here. Not sure about the club, younger crowd scene, but in my circles it is the norm that one person will get the bill, no matter who or how many or how expensive it is


It’s common sense you should be prepared to pay if you ever sit at someone else’s table for drinks.

It’s the same anywhere in the world. If you’re invited to a table for any reason when you start drinking for free whether it’s a birthday or whatever, maybe it’s free, but you need to always be prepared to pay for your drinks.

If there is any foul here, it’s anything the girls told you, but you should never believe anyone that invites you to a table if its not their table even if a man or woman.

As far as who put up money at that particular moment when the bill came, that’s none of your business and you have no idea what the fuck is going on behind the scenes or who’s paying for who or whose treating who and you shouldn’t… You’re only business is that you pay for your part.

Be a man, or be a woman if you’re a woman, but always be prepared to pay for yourself anytime anywhere in any situation.


I don’t think anyone would complain about paying their own part. His gripe, surely, is that he’s being asked to pay for drinks that the host ordered, and that the other guests ordered, before he even arrived. Sounds like he got a couple of shots from a half-empty bottle of whisky. In other words, they’re a bunch of ill-mannered freeloaders.

If you were invited to a birthday party and told that you had to stump up for some random stranger who didn’t want to pay for themselves, you’d be a bit miffed, no?

Normally what happens in these cases is that you stump up for another bottle when the first one is empty. That tends to work out a bit fairer.

That was an actual third date several years ago. Worked out well, IIRC (and I’m absolutely sure I remember correctly). She even suggested taking the bus back - as opposed to taxi, from WuLai - and bought us KFC afterwards. Top girl :thumbsup:


Us? Threesome?


You dirty old man.

Her and me.


Lol fast response there


To be honest don’t be a girls guest to a party she got invited to

The guys inviting her didn’t need you there and were probably mildly surprised you and another male showed up.

It is very common for males to pay and not the females in Taiwan and also very common for the males to share the tab leaving the females free of charge.

My TW bud and I used to do that. We could bring a female guest or not but the tab was always split between us whether one had brought a female guest or both did or whatever. The ladies got away clean, no matter what they ordered.

So my thoughts are. DON’T go to an event that a FEMALE has been invited to by a MALE. Because YOU were NOT invited personally by the Male or Males in that party and therefore you should consider yourself UNwelcome.

It was right of you to ask about how much it would cost and you should NOT have gone without knowing a clear answer.

And yes you may have gotten lucky and not been presented with a bill if the other guys in the group were Gentlemen, but they appear not to be.

And yes 4000 a person is steep. If it was only 400 each of you, i guess you wouldn’t even be writing about it here.

I know that I would NOT accept a ladies invite to join a group where there were males I didn’t know and were not invited by.

I would invite said lady to another event that I set up instead.


Unless you’re a known guy at the club and at the tables. This is pretty much what happens. Unless you happen to be female, more specifically an attractive female.


There’s some other places that are a bit classier and bill will also fall under 2000NT haha. 7-11s is a last resort, never the first choice.

Never let her go?


300 per drink is the standard at Omni, elektro, chess, frank


Lets say the OP and his male bud each drank 3 drinks that is still only 900/each. The other 3100 each went to buy other people drinks. IF this was what they had in mind when they were invited to a “birthday party”, that’s fine.

My personal feel is that if I am invited to a Birthday Party, I should bring a present but I should not be expected to PAY for said party.

NOte: DOn’t go to Birthday Parties for people you dont know.


Birthday party at a restaurant of a friend’s friend that you don’t know? Buy a present…probably in the form of alcohol.

Birthday party at a night club in which you won’t remember the bday person’s name or what he looks like? Don’t go.


oooh, a wine snob, are we? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, she decided to move in with her bf. It was complicated (not as complicated as in tommy’s head, though).