Do you get your facts from Alex Jones and the likes?

Get over yourself. I didn’t call any other person than her a cackling bitch. You sit on your high horse, soyboy. She cackled like a f’ing bitch as she watched a world leader be tortured to death. That removes her from the human race as far as I’m concerned.

Bwahahaha you…hahahaha

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Class act, as always.

Outright classy, that’s who he is.

Shit. Thanks for the heads-up. I forgot the comma.

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No problem, Flats!

Meanwhile, comma, here’s your boy Alex Jones:

1. The Sandy Hook Shooting Was A Hoax To Promote Gun Control

“The whole thing was fake,” Jones has claimed. He’s accused the parents of the 20 students who were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012 of being actors who pretended to mourn their children’s deaths.

“I looked at all the angles of Newtown. We didn’t even get any of the really important stuff,” he told Kelly.

These parents are angry at his claims, Kelly said.

“They don’t get angry about the half a million dead Iraqis from the sanctions,” he responded.

Embrace your insignificance.

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That was Camus, not AJ.

I find your inability to learn quite amazing



I read that last week. UPITT is doing studies on diabetes and so requested black and brown baby organs. It’s gross but it’s not like they’re paying women to get pregnant and abort.

lol, this is hilarious. Seems a certain type of poster likes to say I am interested in the opinions of people that I have clearly stated I am not.

But anyways, I saw a story about Jones and it made me think of the conspiracy theorists who post frequently on the flob

Alex Jones, founder of InfoWars, was found liable for damages in a trio of lawsuits last year filed after he falsely claimed that the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre was a hoax.

I doubt this will shut him up.

Out of the (albeit many) ashes of Alex Jones a certainly more finely-tuned grift machine will replace Info Wars. In fact there are already so many better-run ones that have used this clown-pioneer as a case study on when to hit the gas, and when to hit the brake.

Like Jones, if Trump ends up losing relevance, which he very well might if he does not run for 2024, expect a more finely polished variant that doesn’t fall in the same pitfalls. Both Jones and Trump were pretty flawed vessels that, in spite of their shortcomings and gaffes, showed that their flavor of politics still has so much untapped potential.

The US seems to be headed for some even more dangerous waters soon, and it would be foolish to think that left wing groups won’t also try to prop up a demagogue using the Trump/Jones populist playbook. Validity of horseshoe theory will become even more obvious in this next stretch I’m afraid…

You mean like getting a no name do nothing State Senator to front the popular movement?


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Conservatives, almost by definition, are reactive. The idea that these demagogues and charlatans haven’t permeated the left for years and actually led to the rise of people like Rush, Beck, and Jones is a bit disassociated from reality.

Well conservative voters are a bit DILLIGAF.

Interestingly, yes, the audience for DiLLiGAF looks fairly middle class and complacent… (Aussies a lot like Canucks…)

…perhaps unlike the audience of the Joe R, and Alex Jones…? Nobody discussed that audience here. Exactly what kind of a person likes conspiracy theories…? An American buddy living in the Virginias suggested they are not usually book readers, etc…

Alex didn’t know he was driving his victims mad… Hmmm…

Despite the preponderance of mass ignorance, and though it may be hard to get going again, I still have faith that the gullible shall not inherit the Earth. . .

hasn’t it always been the ones that control the ignorant and gullible that inherit the earth? doesnt seem to be changing much, just the tools used.