Do you hate your coworkers?

I’ve just started a new job. Nice starting salary with monthly bonuses, training me to move up quickly with a bump in salary in a growing company. The job is long and tiring but it’s a well paying job for taiwan with a reputable company.

But I forgot I much jt sucks to have coworkers that are awful. I like some but some really piss me off and I really have to contain my emotions. I’m amazed how some people can act without realizing they were so close to a real ass whopping or have not had it happen to them before.


There’ll always be co-workers that are a-holes. Just got to get used to them somehow.
Anything specific they do on a continual basis that tees people/you off?
Health industry?

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Well there have been a couple. Mostly in the tone and the way they say things. Seniority seems like a huge part of the culture there, and some it probably comes from Taiwanese culture. I’ve managed a gym and I’ve never spoke to anyone in the way they order me (the new guy) to do something. Sometimes I miss like 1 thing, like I’ve been there 2 weeks and I’m already ready productive but they still act like they are the boss of things when they don’t really have a management position. The newer people all get annoyed.

One girl has been there for a long time. And hasn’t been promoted and I can see why. She gets stressed and takes it out on new people when they don’t pick up what’s she’s saying quickly. Mostly I blame her communication skills if someone doesn’t understand what you want and say condescending things under her breath if you know what i mean. She’s to scared to say it loudly and just acts bitchy. And I feel like it’s a bit unfair, women often get away with this without much consequences. If a guy talked to me the way she does sometimes, I would be in their face after a while. Instead I got calmly walk away and be a civil about it. I’ve been told she does this to new people that come in as well.

I’ve worked with many people and have worked for a long time. And I did not get along with everyone and butted heads. But most of them I at least respected. This is the first time i feel like some of them are just being assholes and have no people skills in building a positive work culture.

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My coworkers are varying degrees of okay to good at my current job, but I’ve definitely butted heads with coworkers at past jobs over the years. None too serious except one insane dude who I taught with at a Uni in Korea. His evaluations were so appallingly bad he was fired after one semester. He wasn’t even put on probation, which was unheard of. He was so awful that students would complain and laugh about his teaching in other classes, including mine. I tried to discourage the trash talking, but he was infamous and I knew it was worse than just him being an inexperienced rookie teacher. So he was fired when he got back his 10% and 15% evaluations (for context, if your average was under 80% you had to bring it up the following semester or risk probation, and the other teachers would get between 85% and 95% on average). After he was let go, he went on a vendetta against all of us at his former job. He started mailing letters to the dean of the school who wasn’t aware of how bad his rep was since he was hired and fired internally within the English department. In these letters he made false accusations against myself and my co-teachers. Cliche bullshit like we made sexual gestures and passes at the students or came to class drunk and/or hungover. The dean contacted our department, but these charges were dismissed pretty quickly once the department chair told him about this nutter’s history. The irony was these were things he had been accused of by various students, and his FB showed pics of him having a party involving liquor with a few freshmen students. So basically he was fired over bad shit, then became disgruntled and accused everyone else of bad shit in some twisted revenge. And that revenge was laughed off by everyone including the dean of our Uni. I later found out he had killed himself about a year after this. Good riddance. I didn’t give a shit. No one at our school did. Yawn. If that sounds cold, I don’t care. Anyone who met this guy hated him. Just a spiteful mental case who spread misery and blamed everyone else for his shortcomings in life.

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With an attitude like that:

and this:

The problem may not be your co-workers. Think about how you may be coming off to them. A bit egocentric, overbearing, condescending, etc etc.

Not saying you are any of those. I have no idea who you are. It is just wise to check the mirror now and then.


You are lucky if the girl is the first coworker like that.

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In general, working with Taiwanese coworkers is not an easy thing to digest. While there are a lot of brilliant people, of course, statistically it has a high chance of becoming “pretty ugly”, from gossiping on you behind your back (seriously, this is so obvious when they discuss you in Facebook chat or something), to stigmatizing you if you have less workload than them, or they think you have less workload. But, usually coworkers are in “OK” zone, which cannot be said about local bosses in 90% of the cases. These guys fuel the frustration machine all the time (and overtime and nighttime and on holidays too).


You mean you are calm as a Buddhist monk and don’t have to contain your emotions. I probably do have more of an anger issue than most people but containment is the key word. I have my own personal ways of working that out in healthy ways.

Never had an issue with any other work place before outside a few people that everyone just hated universally. Don’t know why it would come up now.

It’s 3 particular coworkers that are just pissing me off. Everyone else I’ve gotten along and gone out drinking and eating and became work friends pretty easily.

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I guess I didn’t want it to be a Taiwanese vs non Taiwanese thing. But yes, I get along with all the American and Italian people working there. We have fun and banter and have a good working relationship.

There’s this weird Taiwanese vs non Taiwanese mentally thing at work. Even in lunch you see the division and I’m stuck in the middle.

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Mine are mostly fine, except for this one guy who refused to do his job, was rude to the staff, and (we surmise) went around leaving anonymous notes to someone’s husband accusing the wife of having an affair with her boss. He is said to have gangster connections, and sued to keep himself from being fired. I don’t hate him, though–people like that are just a part of life. Oh, and he used to greet me by saying (in English, which he doesn’t speak) “I love you.” So there’s that.


“Hate” is a pretty strong word. How about “occasional vague annoyance”? Most of the people I work with are generally pretty chill, and possess varying degrees of competence slash incompetence. The boss, on the other hand, is a total tool. His saving grace is that he’s not around the office much (to everyone’s great relief).


Well, what do you expect? We’re aliens, even our residence permits says so, with that fancy capital “A” in ARC.

We had a university president like that. Gone now, but I used to joke that if he wound up murdered, and the cops asked me if I knew anybody who wanted to kill him, I’d have to say that I think we all did.

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“Murder” is a strong word. I think a Singapore-style public ratan caning would probably do the trick.

OP is ABT or TBA, right?

Seriously, you just found out about it? :wink:

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Dear Andrew,

I think you need a new mantra.

As one of the Forumosa village elders here, I am given much respect. I am the giver of mantras, and your new mantra will be the following:


Go in peace to love and serve the company.


Normally she keeps to herself, but when it’s gets stressful she’s awful and freaks out on other people. And the lowest hanging fruit is the new guy. Easy to blame the fuck up on the new guy I guess.

Never heard of the term TBA. But yes I’m Taiwanese born with an American citizenship and Korean ethnic background.

I get along with everyone. The Korean girl, the GM, the director of business and one of the main guy managers. Basically the right people if I want to move up in the company. I speak Korean, the main people are Italian and one American so I can talk to them pretty easily and try to speak my limited Italian with them.

One female manager I feel like is shall I say not entirely incompetent and does do some work. But in my evaluation she’s very replaceable and doesn’t really add value as a manager. We would go on just fine without her and also probably save the company money. Most of the time she’s just looking for things to do. Worst is watching her relax and chill with some drinks and food in the workplace in front of everyone when we are still crunching in work and super busy. I feel like it’s pretty bad for the moral and makes me at least not really want to listen to her when I see her do this in front of everyone and some times with other senior coworkers just laughing and having a good time while others are clearly very busy. The other manager, GM and director of business just leave work unless we are not busy or does this out of sight. I personally never did anything like this when I ran things in managerial positions in the past. She also is shit at explaining and gets annoyed and acts and talks to me like I’m a retard when I have questions. I just got started and wouldn’t you want me to ask and actually know what I’m doing instead of stirring around doing nothing like other coworkers when they don’t know what to do. Or worse just do the wrong thing. The other manager, GM, director explains it clearly and doesn’t just give me the solution. But how to come to that solution for similar problems.

One of the other senior staff also gets all snobby because he’s been there the longest and orders everyone around like a dictator and freaked the fuck out on me when I took like a 5 min break to the bathroom. I literally was almost finished with all my work and had one little thing left and was like I’m early so let me go use the bathroom and relax for a minute. He freaks out and asks everyone where I am and makes it seem like I didn’t do my work and is not doing shit. Comes back and he’s like trying to finish the last thing when I did the leg of the work acting like he did all that.

Maybe hate is not the word, but I do get more annoyed from people here more than any other job I had before.

Thought I was the only one who used this term! I say it referring to myself. Taiwan-born American. Was born here, but moved to the States when I was only one year old (Taiwanese mother/American father).

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