Do you think all the newcomers will leave after Covid is under control?

Assuming humanity gets the pandemic under control through vaccinations and everything, do you think all the people who have been coming in lately will leave? (American-born Taiwanese, Taiwanese who moved overseas, new expats, Chinese who own land/houses, etc)

Maybe it’s all in my head but I feel like things have gotten crazier. It’s more crowded, there are more inconsiderate assholes than I remember, more non-Chinese speaking expats, more ABC’s, etc. For some reason I remember things being more mellow.

Is there some sort of data I can check out that shows the percentage of people entering the country since the pandemic started?

At least 200k came back here from China , US and other countries. Highways are more crowded, otherwise I didn’t notice any change.


The data is here:


Did Taiwan’s population decline even with people returning, or did deaths just outstrip births?

30% of Gold Card recipients are from the US.

Will you?



Yes, seems more cars. I guess a lot of money came with them to buy the new cars. As I mentioned elsewhere seems a more nice new cars here in Taiwan recently.

Yep record car sales check the news.Between rich folks coming back and lack of foreign holidays and semiconductors doing well they have splurged on the cars.


You sure got him! Everyone knows it’s a requirement to create a Forumosa account in order to live in Taiwan.


Damn. That means the first three years of my stay in Taiwan were illegal! O_O


Many of them will realize that Taiwan is not the place they want to live.


Post your source on this.

No I won’t lol you’re not the.boss of me mate. :joy::grin:

This is Taiwan’s moment. Money and people are all coming back. Embrace it, or go kicking and screaming.

You haven’t . But it is good that investment is up especially at this time.

Number is nowhere close to 200k for returnees.

Now around 250,000 people have gone into quarantine, but that includes the tens of thousands that were contact traced and ordered into quarantine due to the cluster infection from the Naval ships that docked in Gaoxing

…So…Close to 200k returnees lol.


  1. people that were quarantined because of domestic exposure to covid-19
  2. people that were quarantined because of potential domestic exposure to covid-19
  3. arriving blue collar workers
  4. business people
  5. returnees

Check the spreadsheet I linked earlier in the thread. It tracks arrivals.