Do you think all the newcomers will leave after Covid is under control?

I have personal goals right now that bring me elsewhere. I will when the time is right.

I’m not referring to this forum. I’m referring to being in the country.

Thank you!

I hope they will all go back.

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Heard an interview on ICRT this morning with an American Taiwanese woman. She came here in November from LA with her french boyfriend who lost his job. They plan to go back after a year.
She complained about the lack of information in English where to find quarantine hotels.

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How did the bf get into Taiwan ?

He got a visa.
An architect, so gold card maybe?

Ralph also mentions how these Taiwanese Americans returnees are also coming in using the gold card designed for foreign professionals instead of applying for the passport.

So even though they come back to Taiwan they aren’t Taiwanese in my opinion. Many of them won’t support Taiwan for shit,.Just a place to hole up.

Random comment -
I still remember a guy I bumped into the airport in HK once. Chatting for about ten minutes, me telling him about life in Taiwan , he’s telling me about working on California in IT…Finally he admits he grew up in Taiwan until he was twelve or something. WTF!

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