Do you use internet caf

Do you use internet caf

  • Yes, always.
  • Yes, sometimes.
  • I seldom do.
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There are a few things I would like to address regarding internet caf

[quote=“aubrey”]There are a few things I would like to address regarding internet caf

I spent a considerable amount of time in one for the first three months I was here in 2000.

  1. I bought a membership. I cannot remember the exact price for that or the rate then but a couple of hours was usually no more than NT$100

I use them quite a bit when I travel. And I used some here in Taiwan when I couldn’t get access by other means. But unlike Internet cafes elsewhere in the world that I’ve visited, they are terrible smoky and dark here. Smoke can damage the sensitive electronics of computers, so I don’t know why Internet cafes here are so smoky.

My local place is the probably best I’ve seen in Taiwan. Not smoky or noisy, comfy private booths, good tea, and 10-20 per hour depending on time of day. I do have the internet at my flat but I still end up at the internet cafe quite often. The laptop is the GF’s and I recently managed to get it mangled by worms, trojan horses and the like to the extent that all her files were lost and Windows needed to be reinstalled. So not pushing my luck for the moment…

There’s an internet cafe behind our work that was kind enough not to put a password onto their wireless. Gotta love that. Main point being that with the relative cheapness of laptops these days and hotspots littering the city, it’s more convenient than ever to surf at the local park or at a lot of benches. The only people l notice in internet cafes these days are teenage kids playing war games. They are cheao though, when l was using them three or so years ago l was paying 30nt/h with a free soft drink.

Quite a change from 10 years ago when there was an Internet cafe around the corner from my workplace that charged NT$500/hr… :unamused: