Do you wash your meat?

Do you wash meat???

Here’s a freebie. My Jamaican friend asked if white people rub soap on their bodies or put the soap on a washcloth. I said we don’t use washcloths. Her response? White people are disgusting. :rofl:

Yeah unless you get a new wash cloth every day. Bacteria and mold will love that nice moist cloth. Gross. It seems not needed.


Not wash, but rinse - yeah I usually do that. Depends on the size and marbling, the bigger and fattier the outside the more likely I rinse off the cut. I just use cold water and pat it down with a paper towel or two.

I rinse beef, pork, and chicken that way. I usually don’t rinse fish. That said, if I see dirt or whatever on any cut then I always rinse and pat dry.

Is that enough to prevent crotch rot?

It begins


That meat never gets rinsed with cold water. No crotch rot yet, knock on er … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It has been interesting to learn about different hygiene practices. I was shocked to learn some people don’t wash before going into bed.

Real white people use loofa. Organically groqn by the hill tribes of some far off mystical paradise.

Its funny how people equate race as culture. Just aint so in the global civilization.

Ya i totally agree about people going to bed without showering. Their sex life must get awkward…im also surprised how many people do it. Sometimes i want to put a plastic sheet down for my guests instead of a normal bed spread.

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I wash or at least rinse almost any meat or produce I’m gonna consume. It’s just how I was taught.

But what are you washing off on the meat? I get produce has pesticides and maybe dirt and soil.

Sometimes you can tell there’s a bit of a “film” on there. Maybe something used to keep it fresher when it’s been packaged.

If I buy meat fresh from a butcher I don’t feel as much of a need to rinse. But I usually still do it just because that’s my habit.

I can’t feel clean without physically exfoliating, so I use one of those scratchy “disassembled” loofahs you can find at Daiso. It’s like a loofah in strip form, not scrunched up in a ball. Doesn’t absorb water and dries quickly, so I don’t have to worry as much about it collecting bacteria, although I also throw it in the wash every week for good measure.

I just gotta scrub. Can’t not scrub. Just like I gotta rinse meat before I cook with it. I just gotta!

Ewww :face_vomiting:

I don’t use that scrunched up ball kind. Those are always wet and gross. I use the scratchy, see-through sheet thing.

Today I learned it has its own name:

Before I came to Taiwan I thought loofahs were dried sponges from the sea.

That’s what I thought they were until now.

They go very well with clams.

I thought it was a kind of music. Based on this documentary, I doubt they wash their meat at all.

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Are black people known to be the only ones to clean their meat? You learn something new every day :rofl:

I apologize in advance as I had thought “meat” meant something else… such a gross mind lol.