Does a Taiwanese car license also allow you to ride a scooter?

Hello. I’m an American citizen and will get my Virginia state driver’s license (for cars) converted into a Taiwanese license this week. Will my Taiwanese car license also allow me to ride a scooter, or will I also need to get another, separate license for this as well?


If you want to drive a scooter, you’ll need a separate license for that. However, you only have to take the written test for the car license. You need to take the road test for both vehicles.
However, if my memory is correct, you can drive a small scooter (I think 50cc- but that’s crap anyway haha) with a car license without taking the scooter road test.

To rephrase teacherfei

Car drivers licence allows to drive scooters up to 50cc.

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If your State has reciprocity with Taiwan, there is no need to take a test for the car license.

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No and yes, only a 50 cc scooter. Only if your license states that you’re allowed to drive a motorcycle (over 50 cc or over 125 cc) you could get a scooter license. I did many years ago, I even got my big bike license converted.

You’re lucky! I got denied as my State’s reciprocity agreement with Taiwan specifically states that it’s only for a Class C (I think it was ‘C’) license.

Edit: Class R

Normally it’s class B (car or van/truck below 3,500 Kg)
Class C is over 3,500 kg and D is bus over 8 passenger + driver.
A is motorcycle - big bikes. (in Europe divided in A1, A2 for small motorcycles and scooters below 125 cc)

Just checked my license, in Colorado it’s a Class R (Any motor vehicle with a GVWR of less than 26,001 lbs. as a single unit or in combination, designed to carry 15 or fewer passengers, including the driver, and does not carry hazardous material).

M is for the motorcycle endorsement.

Do you know specifically where I can check for an updated list?

Depends on which country you are from. Here’s a list of the different pdf files.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

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You used to be able to drive a 50cc scooter with a regular TW car licence but they have changed the law on that one and you can’t do it anymore.

I didn’t know about that!
Do you have a link about these change?

That’s why people start buying electric bicycles.

Is it true they have disallowed this?

I was denied a motorcycle and scooter license when I went to the DMV yesterday and I hold a Texas DL with a motorcycle endorsement. I even provide an extra affidavit and physical.

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Yes Is true

If you have a regular driving license car then you can skip the scooter written test , however you still have to do the scooter practice test


Motorcycle licenses are nontransferable. You cannot use foreign motorcycle licenses to get TW motorcycle license - you gotta do the classroom/training hours and tests.