Does anyone like drawing/painting/other types of visual art?

I’ve always liked to draw but lack the discipline to really become good at it. Recently I set a goal to fill a sketchbook properly for once in my life, and I’m focusing on fabric studies since I have trouble with that.

After I drew 100+ hands they became a lot easier, so I figure if I draw anything 100+ times it can get easier. Here is a scrunchie I drew today.

Any creative types on Forumosa? Care to share what you’re working on?


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These landscapes are nice. Are you drawing your immediate surroundings?

No, Johor Bahru Malaysia is bit of a shithole. Most of it are bits and pieces from the computer that I put together rather than actual places or pictures that i copy to draw. The animals are from the zoo that I went to. But animals are hard for me, so are humans.

I took years of art but I never was any good. My teachers didn’t really spend time and just never took my art seriously and wasn’t very good at teaching it honestly.

My current art professor took time out of his day to come to my house and teach me and work with me. And he won’t accept any money. He’s a really good artist and really good at teaching.

Some of it is for my portfolio for interior design schools in Italy. I’m trying to move out of Malaysia lol. It’s awful.

Are you mostly doing it for fun?

Just for fun. I don’t know that I have the skill to make anything come of it, although I’d like to write a graphic novel one day.

The beauty of drawing is it is a very accessible skill. You just have to be willing to put in lots and lots of time to get better. Some people improve faster than others, but almost anyone can learn how to do it and get pretty good at it.

Having a good teacher for anything is always helpful, but a big part of it is just logging those hours. Draw every day! Draw your way out of Malaysia…

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Is that the one you made out of old underwear? Not bad (the drawing).

It sure is!! Heh heh heh…

Arts and crafts.

I watch videos on YouTube about drawing something. Especially the kids ones where it’s easy. I have a hard time understanding how to draw the forms of things I see like animals.

I was in charge of marketing and promotion before for an entertainment company. So I have lots of experience with ads, videos and things like that. I know what concepts I wanted to sell and what needed to be changed. But I couldn’t do any of the stuff on illustrator/photoshop or video editing. But I’m also learning that now.

I do urban sketching. There’s an active group in Taipei and a few other cities. (The one we have here in the States is, er, not so active. :frowning: )

Most of the others are much better artists though. Lots of retired art profs and such in the Taipei group. But they take anybody. LOL




I think I may let the Team down a bit here but…


Are you kidding? That’s brilliant! Very Picassoesque.

These are awesome! I’m gonna start trying to do some landscapes after I have “conquered” fabric. I should join some groups…

@shiadoa I believe it was Basquait who said it took his whole life to learn how to draw like a child again.

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was he the guy with the funny hair?

Some might say so.


Looks pretty serious to me.

Not phrased like that, but it was probably Picasso who said it.

image image image

image image image image image


You guys must be learning together. That’s a nice bonding activity.

Yeah we are, I prefer watercolor painting mostly though, i’m Just recently learning prospective…