Does Hookup Culture Exist in Taiwan?

I’m a Taiwanese American who hasn’t had much experience actually living in Taiwan and experiencing it’s culture. So I may be tone deaf when it comes to certain dating etiquettes which is why I’m here making a post about it. Apologies if I offend anyone.

I am unclear as to whether or not hookup culture exists in Taiwan, or if most girls dating are presumably looking for a long term relationship. From my basic understanding of the culture, Asian culture stresses marriage and procreation but I am unsure how much of the population actually practices this.

Long story short I met this girl online and we kicked it off. After a single date I told her I was not “looking for anything serious” and if she wanted to continue to talk to me we could continue or go our separate ways. She continued to talk to me and I mentioned if she wanted to come over and watch Netflix with me one night, which she agreed. Before I could ask what day, she suggested we go to get some drinks at a bar. Is it safe to assume based on this context that she is okay with a casual hookup?

I know in the states it is quite obvious but do Taiwanese girls understand the sexual innuendo of “Netflix and Chilling” and not looking for anything serious? Sorry if this question seems extremely stupid, I wanted to double check to make sure before I proceed. Not trying to break any hearts here.


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I recommend being extremely explicit to the point where there is absolutely no doubt about what you want to (eventually) happen. Doing anything else is a waste of everybody’s time (mostly yours).

Hints about Netflix or your book collection will not be received by the average Taiwanese girl. When I say explicit I basically mean talk about sex or going to a hotel or … well having sex. You can try some euphemisms but the danger is what you think is explicit will still not be understood.


“Not looking for anything serious” here could easily be mistaken as “not looking to marry you”.

Hooking up in Taiwan, while common, is not as accepted as it is in the West. Be explicit without being offensive.


It exists, but maybe not as you are used to. I certainly would prefer to meet someone in a bar and have a drink before I make the decision to bring them home


“Hookup culture” does not exist in the sense that you mean it, with its own set of coded lingo and rituals. But people do have casual relationships. TaipeiGuy2000’s advice is on-point. Just be clear about what it is that you’re interested in, don’t play games, and everyone wins.


It may not be as common but it won’t be weird if you talk about it either. Just be explicit. You’ll find enough of them to keep you busy.


No one I know does this. Everyone has serious relationships. It’s very proper.


They just don’t tell you lol. Every single casual relationship I had here was very hush hush.


Oh damn. Shoulda told the girls I’ve hooked up with this year alone that this isn’t a thing. They musta missed that day in school.


I don’t think so.

Doesn’t even have to be hush hush. Just don’t be weird about it. If you need a quickie, quite a few hotels will know what you want if you just ask to ‘rest’ or ‘休息’

Thanks for your reply, it’s been very insightful. I’ll bring up the topic in more explicit detail and see what she says about it.

Since we’re also on the topic, I was wondering if “exclusivity” in relationships work differently as well in Asian culture. For example in the states it is normal to date multiple people, even sleep around until exclusivity is established usually in a deeper conversation when two individuals start to develop a deeper connection.

Is it the same way in Taiwanese relationships or is it seen as cheating if one were to see multiple women until that conversation happens?

Can you elaborate on what “休息” means when you tell a hotel? I know it means rest but I don’t understand the full context. Thanks!

I’m sure they exist, just not in my circle where most people have been with the same person for like 12 years, and I think most people judge people who do it. People are very prudish about sex.

I’m not referring gay ppl btw.

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Can you elaborate on what “休息” means when you tell a hotel? I know it means rest but I don’t understand the full context. Thanks!

Hi. We want to come and rest.

嗨. 我們要來休息.

That’s it. Tell a small hotel you want to rest. Maybe you can say rest for a few hours. They know. They’ll give you a condom too.

Yes, it works differently here. If you are going on dates with someone, it is assumed that you will not be pursuing someone else at the same time.

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Ah I see, thanks for the clarification. I assume the hotel rate will be different depending on the amount of time you “休息”

This is true, but it doesn’t mean people don’t do it. It only means people don’t tell you when they do it.

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Guess those motels really wasted a lot of money on their decorations :woozy_face:

Taiwan is one of those oxy moronic types in this regregard. actual relationships are traditionally conservative publicly while at the same time everyone pushes for kids . Physical romance in public is generally slightly taboo, even living together unmarried still hangs on today in some families, yet there are brothels next to schools and slutty dancers at weddings, funerals and parades. one of those things. but no way is hooking up not common. our elders generation used the park. kinda nasty.