Does Hookup Culture Exist in Taiwan?

Minimum four hours. You can’t just pay for ten minutes


Good to know, thank you Dave


I see, thank you for the insight

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is that really a cultural thing in the states? curious. when I was young in canada it was always pretty much assumed no cheating unless openly discussed and agreed on an open relationship. we wouldnt normally call it a relationship if going around sleeping with others (with the exception of open relationships). This one surprises me.

you can pay for 3 hours and leave in 10 mins though.

4 hours would be a no no in Taiwan :slight_smile:


I have met plenty of taiwanese girls who have told me they have done hookups or okay with hookups, Hell i even met a girl who told me she wont hookup with me because she only choses “white tall men” to do it.
Whatever the reason it, if u just want a hookup, its not hard to get in taiwan no matter what others say. BUT u need to read clues so some effort is needed. Taiwanese girls arent too direct or u can always use the phrase

“wanna come to my home and see my cat do backflip?”


Yeah. It’s cheaper. Could be as low as $300

I think 2 hours is fairly common.


You can always add an hour later.

That is exactly the kind of innuendo that may confuse your girl. She may come to your house expecting to see a cat.


Can we just answer “yes” and call it a day?


休息 culture is extremely common … but different from “hookup” culture… “hookup” I read as being rather casual and physical where 休息 usually involves some level of seriousness, even if short-lived sometimes.

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Need 3 hours.



No, surprisingly… “want to come over and see my cat” (at least said in Chinese) is definitely the trending phrase for what “Netflix and chill” was in the West. Shit you not lol.


Quite often, any girl that goes to a guys house based on that line is still gonna get to see a p*ssy doing backflips…

I think it depends. It’s quite difficult to answer since there is really no standardized culture in the US (which is why it is so disjointed). I think this one is generational but I do believe it is still a thing.

Having said that this tends to be socially acceptable only at the beginning stages of meeting someone. I think it is assumed that your date is seeing other individuals as well, and so until that exclusivity conversation comes up it is still socially acceptable (depending on your circle. ie, this would not float in a Christian community).

This was the way my circle dated, and I believe it is still practiced largely in the US.

lol what is the context behind “wanna come to my home and see my cat do backflip?”
I am laughing because of how ridiculously random it sounds, but please excuse my ignorance.

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This may work, or it may backfire. Lots of women who may be open to a hookup or something casual might not be comfortable talking about it explicitly. You may want to be at least a little subtle in your approach.

is that the guy or the girl who says that?
“see my pussy bend over” …context!

Noted, I will find the right time and be very subtle about it. Thanks.